Thursday, May 8, 2008

Orlando, Florida '08

Here we are! The Front of the Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure.

The places inside the parks.

The rides!
This is the newest ride at the Universal theme park. "The Simpson's Ride", we went on this ride first thing one morning and it took Jeremy a couple hours to recover. We got off and he was very pale. The ride made him very dizzy. As we were standing in line we did recall that no one was really thrilled when they got off and some were also a little pale. So, we only rode this ride once!

Jurassic Park Boat Tour was one of our favorites. The T-Rex at the end was freakin awesome!

Dudley Do Right water ride was a lot of fun! You get pretty wet on the ride itself, but you get even wetter when other people put in a quarter and soak you with squirters at the very end of the ride.

Twister! (One of Jeremy's favorite movies) The Poseidon's Tour Show was our favorite show at the park. It was not only well air conditioned the effects were really cool.
Our other favorite rides that I didn't get pictures of was "The Mummy", "The Hulk" (Roller Coater), "Spiderman", "E.T.", and "The Dueling Dragons" (roller coaster with your feet dangling - first time Jeremy has been on a ride like that, he thought it was fun!)
The Characters we ran into!
This is pug dog in the movie "Men in Black" (I forgot his name). This was the animal show, (Jeremy was in training when I went around and caught all the shows we missed, I was really bummed when he missed this one)it was very cute and pretty amazing the tricks they can teach animals. "Max" from the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and one of the birds from "Evan Almighty" was there in the show too.


The Simpson's

Woody Wood Pecker (He was a little flirt!)

"Curios George" and "Scooby and Shaggy"
Spiderman! (He was a flirt too!)
The night life!

We had a great time and really enjoyed being just the two of us. We did miss the kids though when we went on rides that we knew without a doubt that the kids would love - "Jimmy Newtron", "Shrek", "The Cat and the Hat", etc. It was nice to reconnect and for me it was nice to take a break from the everyday business! I am very thankful for my mom, the kids had a great time there (Papa bought a Wii).

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