Monday, March 31, 2008

Seattle Trip

Swimming at the Hotel on our way up to Seattle.

My Aunt Bev and Uncle Tony's front yard.

The backyard!

We found lots of seashells.

Jackson couldn't walk very well on the rocks - he is crying.

On the ferrie on the way to Seattle.

We went to the Seattle Aquarium. The kids had a great time, they got to pet starfish and other things that I do not know how to spell. Jackson couldn't say "fish" enough, it was fish this, and fish that, he thought it was really neat! After the Aquarium we had lunch with my cousins wife, Lara and their boys Nicholas and Brennan, it was great to see them.

Jeremy finally made it to Quest Field, he was bummed that it wasn't for a game, but he was happy to take a tour of the Stadium. Let me say that we - myself, Madison, Dawson, Jackson, and my mom - trekked through rain and snow to get there! It stopped when we finally got on the tour. It was fun, the kids actually enjoyed running around in the halls with tons of football pictures. The field was being worked on, so we were not allowed on the newly done field, but Jeremy stuck his foot on there when the gal giving the tour wasn't looking. We saw the press box, the broadcast and coaches booth, the visitor locker room, the club level, and the suite level. Jeremy is a true Seahawk fan!

Seahawk hand prints and the kickers foot print!

The visitors locker room.

Jeremy's gateway to heaven - the Seahawks locker room.

Our way back on the ferrie, Jackson loved it! He wanted to be outside in the wind and cold.

Jackson enjoying a candy necklace.

We also were very lucky to be there for Brennan's first birthday! (My cousin Brian's son). My camera ran out of room on the card and I wasn't able to take any pictures of the party, I know that my mom got some good shots. The party was a lot of fun and Brian and Lara's boys are just too adorable! We had a great time. When we asked what the kids like the most out of the trip they loved their great aunt Bev and uncle Tony's house. They had there own big play room to stomp around, there were two sets of stairs that they thought was just cool, and they loved taking Spencer and Katie (yellow labs) out to play ball. One night we made pizza and Madison really enjoyed the fact that she cooked dinner. The weather was typical Seattle weather, but that didn't put a damper on any of our plans. I was very happy that the kids didn't have too many melt downs about stuff, the car rides were great, if you could win the battles with Dawson(what movie we should watch next), and know exactly how many miles we had to the next stop (Madison was keeping track the whole time!).

Happy Easter Time!

Putting grass in our baskets.
We are ready for the bunny!

Happy Easter! We had a great time at Nana and Papa's house. The night before we put grass in our baskets and set them out for the easter bunny to hide and fill. We had a slumber party with the cousins, Alysa, Evan, and Caden. The morning of Easter the kids were up at a quarter to six ready to search for their baskets! Jackson found his first, on his high chair, Dawson found his behind the couch, and Madison's was in the dryer. The easter bunny hid Evans very well because he was the last to find his. It's a good thing the bunny tells the parents where he hides the baskets or we would of missed church! The baskets were filled with lots of good treats and gifts. We went to Church at my parents ward, the kids looked great in their new outfits. After church we had an egg hunt. Easter dinner was awesome. Then we headed home!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Journal

Ta DA! I am blogging!
This is my chance to have a really cool journal, now that I found out you can print out all your hard work. I just hope that I can find time to be creative in my writings and take some awesome pictures of the family.
We have a big week coming up with Easter and we are taking a trip to Seattle to see my Aunt Bev and Uncle Tony, and also my cousin Brian and his wife Lara and their boys. So I am hoping that these events will be a great start to my blog!