Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy as a Bee

I wanted to get one more post in before February is over, such a fast little month.
I made this cake for a friend's mother-in-law. She and her husband went on a cruise and her mother-in-law's birthday fell on one of the days she was going to be watching the kids. So I picked up Dawson's friend Bransen from school and dropped him and the cake off to make her day special.
We are really busy I could list off a ton of stuff that we all have going on, but I will only list one thing each. Jeremy is always gone - work, work, work - I am not complaining I am glad he has a job! Madison is busy with school and homework, Dawson is working on beating Banjo Kazooie (don't ask), and Jackson -my sweet Jackson, potty training was going so well until he got sick and constipated - back to the old drawing board again! I am turning circles - I don't know where to begin (carpool, clogging, kids, kids, kids, cleaning, room-mom, cleaning, cooking, Young Womens, dogs, oh and the Bachelor! . . . . . . )

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

This is what Jeremy gave me for Valentine's Day - one dozen beautiful red roses (they were delivered on Thursday), they definitely put a huge smile on my face. Jeremy worked out of town all week, so seeing these babies gave me hope that I could make it through the rest of the week. I am so lucky to have fallen in Love with my best friend! I made this shirt for Dawson. He was asking me where his Valentine's Day shirt was when I bought one for Maddy. You can't really find shirts for boys - so I thought I would make him one. Since green is his favorite color and there are bags of green M&Ms saying "the new color of love," I ironed on "the color of love".
Then he could switch his shirt around and it says . . . .
I thought he would be upset that I put that on the back - but he thought it was fun to switch around his shirt and have it say something different - he did it all day at his party at school.

Ladies night - Cupcake Pops

I had a girls night in and we made Cupcake Pops for friends and family for Valentine's Day. I prepared all the cake balls and then everyone formed them, dipped them in chocolate and bagged them. I had about 15 ladies over and we made about 130 Pops! I had a great time and I think everyone else did too. Someone said "So what are we making next month?"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

O.K. so lately Jackson has been quoting movies and t.v. show like crazy. We rented "Space Chimps" and I need to warn all my family and friends DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, there are far more better things to watch. Anyway let me share with you some of the quotes Jackson recieved from this movie and he repeats them all the time:

Quote #1 - "Hey guys I gotta pee . . . . wow that was some suction!" (image a two year old saying suction - doesn't come out the way it really should sound).

Quote #2 - "I was hiding" (as he says it he holds his thumb up to make it talk).

Quote #3 - "I was naughty" (he says this while he is holding one finger up to his mouth). Not something you want any of your children to say.

and Quote #4 - "Your a Dork" - again not good.

We purchased Madagascar 2 and his new quote is: "(sings a little toon) Oh, I like this song". It is very cute when he is singing the toon.

He also sings this song too! What a great Mom I am!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SuperBowl XLIII

O.K. these are the cupcakes I made for the SuperBowl party that was at my parents house - I have been sick and not paying close attention I made 18 instead of 43 - good thing it was only family! Jeremy and I rooted for the Cardinals - but only because we wanted Jeremy's boss to suffer a little.
I had to share this plate that I got at Marshals - crazy that a UofU plate would be here in California!


This is Madisons second year playing Little Thunder Basketball and WoW what a improvement she has made. Last year she was very afraid of the ball when it was tossed her way and I don't think she really understood the rules to the game. This year she understands it a little more and she just a couple of weeks ago got caught in a jump with another girl - she was not going to let that girl take that ball away from her! Last Saturday she was able to try a couple of times to make a basket - so close. Jeremy and I are bothing hoping that with the last game coming up soon she will make her well deserving basket. Still the same, she is our happy go lucky girl who doesn't run but skips back and forth to the baskets. We are very proud!

The Love Bucket

For an acitivity, my Beehives put together a "Love Bucket" to pass around the Ward. The girls made cupcake pops and had a great time. So, Rocklin First Ward watch out for the "Love Bucket" (the girls just loved saying that).