Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of Pre-K

Today was Dawson's first day of Preschool. He wasn't overly thrilled, he did know that he was keeping his mom happy by being a good boy and going to school like every big boy should. He is in the afternoon class so at lunch he was trying to convince me of why he thinks he should stay home and it sounded something like this: "I love you very much mommy and that is why I think I need to just stay home with you today." Doesn't that just melt your heart? But just for a second and then it's back to the real world - oh yeah, he is just saying that to get of going to school! Didn't work, he went to school and he was such a good boy. He went in happily - no melting down on the spot or crying - and the teacher said he was a good boy - no crying. (I can't say I hate it when he is a momma's boy, because I really do enjoy knowing that he needs me.)
He got a new backpack, Star Wars or as he calls it "Lego Star Wars". He is in love with the game on our xbox. I took him and Madison to the movie last Saturday, "Clone Wars", and he said about a dozen times during the movie "Mom, I love this movie!" (out loud for all those around to hear!) Then when the movie was over he said "Mom, we have to buy this movie!" He was a crack up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Madison's First Day of 2nd Grade

Madison is in 2nd grade - she may look like she is older, don't let the long legs fool you! She is of course the tallest person in her class, and that does not seem to bother her - I know that there will come a day where she will come home crying because she is taller than all the boys, if anyone has any advice for when that day comes please speak up. She had a great first day. She came out of her classroom when the bell rang and said "I love school", music to a mothers ears! She has two very nice teachers this year, Mrs. Furlong and Mrs. Harding, they are part-time team teaching. I think it will go very good - I am only worried about communication between the two teachers, hopefully if I tell one thing to a teacher the other will let the other know! - whatever. She also has two good friends with her in her class and Jimmy - what a cute boy! This is only 2nd grade - she tells me nothing of boys, she only blushes when I say Jimmy's name. I think it is going to be a great year, - oh, and I was a sucker again and signed up to be room mom (3rd year) - luckily Jimmy's mom signed up to be my assistant!
The night before school starts we started a tradition of having a back to school family party. I made this bus cake last year too - they really only care for the chocolate mini donuts! As you can see Dawson is eyeing one in this bottom photo. Dawson will be going to Pre-K this year.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pool Birthday Party/Wedding cake practice/Peaches

Our good friend Brandon turned the BIG 30, and this was the cake I made for him.
I have been very busy lately practicing a wedding cake for one of Jeremy's co-workers. I am trying all kinds of new cake decorating things and having a good time. The wedding is in October, so check out an awesome post in the middle of October!!!!
Also, I wish I had a picture of all the peaches we got this year on our peach tree. They were all picked so quickly and I we have had to eat them and I actually froze a bunch. Yum!

Nauvoo Camp/Azure's Birthday Party

Last Monday we were able to have a great play date at a place called Nauvoo Camp. Our good friends the Wilsons rented out the camp site for their son's 6th birthday. We wanted to camp out that night with other families, but Jeremy was working late and he didn't think it would be a good idea for me to camp alone with the kids (he thinks I need sleep or something!). So, I just took the kids up to the site for the day, and they had a great time! There was a little pond to swim or ride the wood rafts, a big grass field to run around, and a camp fire area to perform!
Jackson and his good friend Sterling - playing a manly game of lacrosse.
Jackson shooting a bubble gun at his friend Joshua.
Dawson wading, so badly wanting to ride the wood raft.
Madison and her friend - performing American Idol style!
I didn't see much of Madison and Dawson they were every where in the camp site playing with their friends. It was a really great time!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Breaking Dawn"

Today I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's fourth book to the Twilight series. I thought is was a good read. I enjoy books that are read like you are watching a movie, and Stephenie Meyer is just the writer for me.
Also, the Friday night before the book was released, some friends and I went to the Vampire Prom at Barnes and Noble. We did not dress up, but we enjoyed making fun of the other weirdos! It was pretty crazy.
Now that I have gotten that all out of the way I can focus more on my kids and get them ready for school!