Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby #4

I am reaching the final days or weeks maybe to this pregnancy and I thought I would blog how this pregnancy was in relation to the other three. First of all I got professional pictures done because when I was pregnant with Madison and actually saw a picture of myself I said no more pictures of me pregnant - I did not feel pretty! With Dawson I have one pregnancy picture and that was at Halloween all dressed up for a shot gun wedding, and I do not have any pictures of me pregnant with Jackson (that is a good thing, because I gained the most weight with him). So I thought it would be fun to get them professionally done and have the photographer tell me how to pose - she did a great job (Cathi Bitter).
Since I am thinking this is my last pregnancy I truly wanted to enjoy every minute and take it all in, but so many new feelings came with this pregnancy that I was taken for surprise. The first trimester I never knew what to eat and actually was happier eating nothing - having nothing to disturb my stomach. I never threw up - yeah! - but with the other pregnancy I was happy to have a cracker or two in my tummy. And the mood swings - my poor family - one minute I am loving and caring and the next I am telling the kids that we live in a dump "pick up your stuff!" I was tired with each pregnancy, but I feel that I accomplished a lot with the first three, like for example when we moved to Rocklin and found out two days later that I was pregnant with Jackson I painted three bedrooms and basically made the house into "our" home. I was too tired and achy to do anything this time. I know that some of you are reading this and saying "whatever Heather" taking care of three kids, a husband, a dog, taught clogging, a household, church calling, and whatever else - I still feel as though I could of felt better than I did.
The second trimester should of been full of great food cravings and eating just about anything - all I wanted to eat was fruit, nice cold fruit. O.K. this wasn't a bad thing - but where were the protein cravings, the burgers and milk shakes - I actually stopped and got a milk shake one time and basically had to gag it down and I didn't feel good at all after eating it. Thank heaven for the Taco Bell fruit drinks - fruitesia - yum! (but full of sugar) Right at the end of the second trimester I had to take my wedding ring off - I began to swell in my hands and ankles. I just figured it was the summer heat and I was thankful for friends with pools and took full advantage every time I got the chance to soak my feet and hands. With the others I would swell at about two weeks before my due date, if at all.
This last trimester has gotten a little better when it comes to food (except for the heart burn of course), but the body aches and pains have really gotten on my last nerve. Last month I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel - my left wrist has a sharp pain and I cannot close my hand to make a fist without the joints in my fingers locking and in my right hand my fingers are constantly tingling like they are asleep. One of my friends has really noticed how fat my fingers are and Jeremy has noticed that they feel different when I hold his hand, so I call them my hot dog fingers! I hope I don't jinks myself, but there has been one lucky thing and that is I have not had any kidney stones. I had them with Madison when I was in my 18th week, Dawson was my 10th week, and Jackson I was in my 8th Month. So I either will be really lucky and not get them for the this pregnancy or they are just waiting to come out after the pregnancy - it is like a ticking time bomb to me - they are NOT fun. I can honestly say that sleeping has been the same with each pregnancy, I get all big and uncomfortable to get any kind of a good night sleep.
But with all the complaints comes the over whelming joy of having a beautiful baby in my arms and in our home again. I can't wait! A year ago at this time I wasn't sure if a number 4 was in our future. I second guessed the thought after going through a miscarriage (second one in my life), and on top of that I was attending my Nana's funeral - not a easy time for me. I felt that the pregnancy was a great thing to a time of sadness and when I loss the baby I thought to myself maybe I can only handle three kids - Jeremy was a strength and told me he wants another little girl - to bad it's a little boy! I am very excited to be a mother of three boys - I know that through my life's experiences I can teach them the ropes of how to treat the ladies! And Jeremy will teach them how to be great supports to their own families. Madison I don't worry about - girls already have a built in nurturing system.
I will keep you posted to the arrival of our little Thompson John!