Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thompson's 4th Birthday!

Been a couple of years so hopefully it is like riding a bike and I can figure this all out again:) 

I will start with my baby T's 4th birthday.  He has truly been a blessing in my life, and in a way has made it pretty busy.  As you can see my last post was his 1st birthday.  I cannot blame it all on him, sadly, I have kept myself busy with the other three kids, clogging lessons, cake decorating, a stake Young Women's calling (which I miss badly), a household full of laundry, dirty bathrooms, dinners, dishes, soccer lesson, golf lessons, piano lessons, - you name it I probably have been doing it!

His birthday fell on a Sunday, so some of his cousins and Nana and Papa were able to come up and join us in celebrating!
He asked for a Halloween Mickey Mouse cake, helped me search Pinterest for the perfect one!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thompson's 1st Birthday!

I know I added a lot of pictures here but he was just so darn cute! He had a great 1st birthday and he was spoiled to the hilt!!

Thompson's first birthday party! Some might say that this is silly and a waste of time, but the T man is my last and I want to go out with a bang!! There were a lot babies born after him and at the bottom of this post there is a picture of just a few of them - we were missing about 5.

Wedding cake!

This cake was an adventure! I drove for 4 hours to the wedding site!! There was only one issue and that was the bottom tiered decided to slide a little (lemon filling is slippery). The bride and groom were very pleased with it, the groom at half of it the bride told me. It was really fun to make!

Wedding cake pops and Spooky Cupcakes

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm - Oct. '10 - Jackson's Field Trip

Olivia and Jackson - best buds!
The "T" man!

Having fun!

Friends - sorry for the hand grab:~

My beautiful boy!

Taking a hay ride to the fields.

Look at all these pumpkins!

Ooooh I like this one!!

What are you doing T?

Look at the camera.

Jackson's class!