Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cousin Evan's Baseball game!

Water Play Day at school

I got there a little late to take pictures - he had a great time and is really enjoying school this year!

Davey Jones, Peter Noon, and Rick Springfield Concert

Girls night! A good friend has connections to some concert tickets.
Security. (a dare to go take a picture)
Davey Jones
Herman's Hermits (best performer of the night) - I'm Henry the 8th I am!
Rick Springfield was a little loud - I thought it was cool!
"Jessie's Girl" - this lady was really getting into the music - that is her cane with a flash light attached to it. (?)


Nana and Papa surprised us with tickets to "Wicked" in San Francisco! We girls and Papa had a lovely time - we ate at the Cheese Cake Factory and "Wicked" was amazing! (Maddy listens to the cd all the time.)
Alysa and Maddy.
Maddy and Mommy!

Jackson's lunch

Hmmm I wonder where he gets this from? Everyday for lunch he makes his lunch face!

More Cakes!

Madison decorated this cake at her activity days class - she loves doing it just like her momma!

Fancy Nancy birthday cake!
Super Mario birthday cake!
Boston Red Soxs birthday cake!

Fire Truck birthday cake!

First day of School

Another year!
My big 4th grader!

1st grade here we come - he couldn't control the excitment:) He was very excited and decided to be a jokester for pictures!

Pre-K I am ready!

Back to school party!

My kids are growing up!

Celtics Cake

A good friend turned the ripe old age of 33 and he is a Celtics fan (Larry Birds jersey).

Camp Nauvoo

Every year before school starts my good friends rents out a camp ground to celebrate her kids birthdays. The kids had a great time playing with kids, eating yummy food, and playing in the little pond. (I am playing catch up with my blog - this was back in August!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Disney world

Jeremy and I have been very lucky - for the second time in our married life we have gotten to go to Disney world! Thanks to Jeremy's work!! We really wish we could of taken the kids this time, but the price of plane tickets was just not workable, so they stayed with my mom for 10 days. Yes, I am an awful mother! but it was a well deserved break, I think. And I owe my mom big time! I think the best part of the trip was actually sleeping, no just kidding. The time I got to spend with my best friend and love of my life was the highlight!

I can't wait for next year!

Young Women cupcake decorating

I had the Young Women over for their youth night learning cupcake decorating and they learned how to make these three flower cupcakes!
They did a great job!

One of their mom's later told me that their daughter is constantly finding things to make roses out of and then eating them!

CupCake Decorating

One of the things the kids really wanted to do this summer was decorate cupcakes - they all take after me:) But who doesn't like to like icing off your fingers and then devour a delicious cupcake?
This was the first time I made chocolate ganoch filled cupcakes - the kids loved them!
Maddy got this for Christmas and we finally used it - very fun and cool.
Jackson's blue cupcakes!
Dawson's green cupcakes!
Madison's purple cupcakes! I wish I got a better picture of hers she made a Justice heart on one of them - very pretty.
Mommy's cupcake! (show off!!)
Jeremy was out of town - so the rest of the cupcakes on eatin at girls night in!