Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dawson's Preschool Graduation

Cake cups!
I got the idea from Bakerella!

This was the last day of school party. We almost had a funniest home video with the first clip of hitting the pinata and Dawson was right before the bursting of the pinata - so he prepped it for his friend Eli.
These were the actual height of the kids with their picture on each flower. Dawson and his "really good friend", as he says, Hailey.

Dawson saving a seat for Joey.

Dawson and some on his buddies - Joey and Bransen.

The class watching their class video.

Dawson and Ms. Jill

Dawson and Ms. Danai

Jackson enjoying a toy that he will be using this fall!

Double Cake Challenge Weekend!

I double booked myself this weekend and made two cakes for families. My first order was another sixteen year old cake - this time a boy. His step-mom told me he doesn't like cake, but he needs something for his birthday. So we decided to make a small cake - at first she wanted a skateboard, but then we changed it to a half pipe. This cake is not all cake! I cheated and used about a 2inch cake on the bottom and the top is rice krispy treats (a lot easier to form).
When I dropped it off I was lucky to catch the birthday boy there and the look on his face was all good - I was worried that it wouldn't be up to par to a real skater.
Now this challenge was a challenge! This cake was for a little girl turning 10 years old. And she had drawn a picture that she wanted the cake to look like (the grey piece of paper has the picture she drew). Her theme was obviously Hawaiian and she wanted a Hula girl cake. I was nervous making this cake because I didn't want to upset the Birthday girl and not have it like the picture - you know how we girls are! It was fun to make and now Madison has a new idea for her cake this year - she already drew a picture of a zebra for her cake.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cake

A Birthday cake I made for Julia who turned 16 - she had a huge party. I was worried about the colors, because she wanted hot pink and hot green, but they turned out really good.
This was Caden's Batman Cake - he watches "Challenges" on the Food Network and you should heard all the creative ideas he was coming up for me to do. I just couldn't get myself to make it 6feet tall!

Hot, Hot, Hot Weekend!

This last weekend Jeremy's parents and brother came out for a visit and it was a heat wave! Our good friends the Speths envited us over for a dip in their pool. It was nice since we spent the morning at the Strawberry festival in Galt - wooo it was hot!

Bike Day

Dawson had his last bike/scooter day as a Pre-Schooler:(

Young Womens Temple Box Activity

The Laurels had a great activity planned for all the Young Women, ages 12-18. The girls made temple boxes to open when they become engaged and ready to enter into the temple. This is the wedding cake I was asked to make as a refreshment, I got the idea from my Martha Stewart Cake book, I had a ton of fun making this!
I chose the color purple - I didn't realize they were using orange. Two very bright colors!
Some of the Leaders brought in their wedding dresses and picture to display - they had a great time poking fun at us!

No More Diapers - Until October

After about four months of Potty Training Jackson finally gets it! I tried many methods with this little boy and the one thing that worked was I put two cups in the bathroom and told him he could get his own treat after he did his business - this I think helped him feel a little more independent, because he wasn't waiting for Mommy to get him a treat he was doing it all by himself. He also learned how to read! "This is Jackson's Pee Pee Cup and this is Jackson's Poo Poo cup". Ahh so proud! Just in time for his three year old check up.

Mother's Day

I had a great mother's day. The kids and Jeremy got up really early and made me breakfast in bed and surprised me with a new Camera. Now I can finally put videos on my blog!

At Church Jeremy had to talk and he said some wonderful words about me- and sort of made me realize that I am too busy and I need to maybe cut some things out of my life. I did get released from Young Womens (very sad), and then was called as the Relief Society Enrichment Leader - almost equal to what I was just doing, now I have to work with all of us old ladies!

We then headed down to my sister's house in Lodi and the men made us a lovely dinner and we celebrated my nephew, Caden, Birthday!

Dawson had is Mother's Day program at his school. He did a great job singing and smiling. (He did get a hair cut the following week!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!! We love you!


We broke into your blog to post this video! We love you - Happy Mother's Day!


Jeremy, Madison, Dawson, Jackson

Friday, May 1, 2009

Late Night Party!

Madison had her first late night party. Her really good friend Danalyn had a really cool birthday party. The girls got to jump on the tramp, eat pizza, play balloon volleyball,
make balloon flip flops, play more games, and then make ice cream sundaes. I offered my help to her mom because every time she called for an opinion on the party she seemed a little frazzled, but the main reason why I was there was to watch Maddy have a good time with all her friends (she is my only girl!?) She did a great job staying up till 10pm - if anyone knows Madison she counts the hours of sleep and sometimes freaks out if she doesn't think she has enough hours of sleep.

Field Trip to the Puzzle People

Madison's Puppy Class went to the Puzzle People for a school field trip. It was really neat to listen and learn about a couple that started their own business making puzzles. They showed us how they make the puzzles and then the kids got to paint and make a name plate to take home. I could not leave the store without buying some puzzles myself (I will take a picture of them and add them to this post).

Lunch at the park.

Dawson had his field trip on the same day as Madison's - so because I couldn't be in two places at one time, my loving husband took a half day from work and took the boys to the Folsom Zoo. And because I had the camera he took these snap shots with his cell phone.

Easter/Jackson's Birthday Party

This is the only picture I got of the kids in their Easter best - Dawson's looks surprised and Madison looks a little dopey - oh well, I was rushing them out the door for 8:30am Church.