Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dawson's Preschool Graduation

Cake cups!
I got the idea from Bakerella!

This was the last day of school party. We almost had a funniest home video with the first clip of hitting the pinata and Dawson was right before the bursting of the pinata - so he prepped it for his friend Eli.
These were the actual height of the kids with their picture on each flower. Dawson and his "really good friend", as he says, Hailey.

Dawson saving a seat for Joey.

Dawson and some on his buddies - Joey and Bransen.

The class watching their class video.

Dawson and Ms. Jill

Dawson and Ms. Danai

Jackson enjoying a toy that he will be using this fall!

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Buxton Family said...

What a fun party. Danai and Jill do such a wonderful job. I love all the cakes you've been making.