Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Fun!

October is such a busy and very fun month! I was lucky to have been a part of almost everything I wanted to do while having a baby. I was able to go to Jackson's field trip to the pumpkin patch, and then two days after having the baby my mom and I drove over to Dawson's first Kindergarten - riding a big yellow bus - field trip to the pumpkin patch (he was a little disappointed that I wasn't going with him the entire time), all the parents thought I was crazy, but I only stayed to get a few pictures and then I was out of there. I went and passed out candy at our church's trunk or treat, Thompson stayed in the car and I only allowed people to peek in the car. I helped at Jackson's Halloween party, attended Madison's for a little while and again helped out in Dawson's class party (I signed up to be the room mom - I am crazy!) I feel great and I am so happy about that. Thompson is a good baby, I had his two week appointment last week and he is now 9lbs. 6ozs. and the doctor thought he was very angelic! He is a very healthy boy - no jaundice or anything. He sleeps good at night and really that is all I could ever wish for!

The kids dressed up as Halloween characters this year. Madison was a witch, Dawson was a warewolf, Jackson was Frankenstien, and Thompson was a pumpkin. My mom did a wonderful job with all of them!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dawson's first Soccer First Goal!

Well the next exciting event that happen the week of Thompson's birth was Dawson made his first goal at his soccer game! And of course I wasn't there, because I stayed home with the baby, I am very glad Jeremy got the video of it! He is number 10/white.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thompson John

I am finally getting a chance to get on here and blog my delivery experience! I don't have a lot of time on my hands, in fact I think I need more hands and while I am at it just more of me to go around. Wow, it has been a whirl wind of fun and excitement!

On October 7th my doctor told me that I was moving along great and she basically told me it could be any day really - key word "day". I was having contractions every now and then, but nothing that could really be timed. I thought for sure the baby would be born the 10th, because the doctor had stripped my membranes and usually it has taken me two to three days to really start laboring. Well the 10th had passed, my mom came up to await the arrival and we thought for sure it would be the 14th, because I had another doctor's appointment that day and she again stripped my membranes and told me I was dilated to a three and 70 percent effaced. Well that day passed and so did the weekend! Finally Tuesday morning, the 20th, I had contractions 8-11 minutes apart and I said I am going in! (one day before my due date)

We got to the hospital and they hooked me up and the doctor on call came in and basically told me I was not in full labor yet and she gave me two options - I could either go home and wait till I was in full labor or they could pump me with antibiotics (for Strep B), break my water and get me going. I chose to get it done! After being very uncomfortable for about three weeks I was glad this doctor gave me this option.

At 2pm they broke my "bag of waters", at about 4ish I was about dialated to a seven and the nurse that checked me said that she thinks the baby was face up (that was not good news). When she left Jeremy gave me a blessing and after that the contractions really picked up and I was panicing thinking to my self this is going to hurt if this baby doesn't turn and maybe this time I should get an epidural. I was on my side and all the sudden my intire body became tingling and I couldn't seem to control it and was asking for more pain medicine - well the nurse was almost ready to check my progress to see if she could give me more medicine and all the sudden I said I need to lay on my back and as I was rolling on to my back I said I gotta push! The nurse was telling me "no, don't push, just breath" and I wasn't even pushing really and he was coming out! So I guess a mid wife came in and she was catching the baby while the doctor was getting all ready to step in and the mid wife said to me push and I remember saying but I am not having a contration and then the mid wife, my mom and Jeremy all said "no you need to push now" and out he came at 5:52pm! I could not believe how fast he came! Pushing is my least favorite part and this time it was awesome! The doctor was glad that she at least got to deliver the placenta.

I went from this to that! (I can't believe I put these pictures in here)