Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah Trip!

What a great week! For some reason though I didn't take very many pictures - I think I was so focused on getting to relax and take a rest from the everyday grind. We had a great time! Thompson was fairly good on the drive there, on the way back was a different story (he was tired of the car!) We enjoyed activities with family - putt putt golf, swimming, Taylorsville days (fireworks), family pictures - Jeremy enjoyed golfing (Thanksgiving point) and I enjoyed shopping (Wood Connection). We went to Hatch Family Chocolates, a store that is on the TLC channel, "The Little Chocolatiers". We visited friends the Triplet's - thanks for the dessert - and the Rip's - thanks for the bounce house fun! And the most important thing we did was see our nephew, Jaren, get baptized. It was a great week!

I have to show you these yummy donuts we got to take part of!!!
check it out:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last day of Kindergarten:(

My baby boy is a first grader! On the last day of school the Kindergartener's have a day of fun activities.

Bound, bound, bound and rebound!

We love the bouncer!We even get a little help from big brother!

The Snail Races

Never in your life will you witness the most exciting races in the world. I could hear the third grade classes on the other side of the school campus - very exciting!


We were very lucky to take care of my mom and dad's newest addition to the family - BELLA! Jackson is so in love with her. She is a spunky little pup, and a princess as you can see from this picture, we can't wait to take of her soon.

"Stompers" 2010

My cloggers did a wonderful job in their recital - I will try and upload a little video action soon!
Madison, Charity, and Blythe
Amy, Lanea, Beth, and Alexa

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Going Buggy!

Madison's third grade play was call "Going Buggy" and she was a beautiful butterfly/catapiller. She did a wonderful job and it was a really fun play to watch - the boys loved it!

Madison and her best friend Danalyn.

Double duty cake order

Two cakes for two sisters!

Southern Cali Trip

We took a little trip down south - Jeremy had business in LA, so we all thought we would tag along, what a trip it turned out to be.

First up, the day before we leave Madison's school informs us that a few classmates have lice - wonderful! Well we go anyways and the drive down was nice Thompson did good for his first fairly long drive. We hit the beach when we got there and we all have a nice time, except Thompson isn't eating much and that night all he wanted to do was nurse every hour - not sleeping good. Jeremy goes off to work the next day, the kids and I have a nice time shopping and swimming, little T is still not eating much and I see white spots in his mouth, it took me until that evening when it dawns of me "thrush"! None of kids have ever had this, but I know that I had as a baby (and so did Jeremy). Called Kaiser and they hook us up with medicine, the only problem was sterlizing bottles and such - the whole trip was a challenge, but well worth it!

Disneyland was so fun! My Mom and Dad met us there and we only did a one day marathon and the kids absolutly loved it! They want to go back soon.