Monday, July 12, 2010

Utah Trip!

What a great week! For some reason though I didn't take very many pictures - I think I was so focused on getting to relax and take a rest from the everyday grind. We had a great time! Thompson was fairly good on the drive there, on the way back was a different story (he was tired of the car!) We enjoyed activities with family - putt putt golf, swimming, Taylorsville days (fireworks), family pictures - Jeremy enjoyed golfing (Thanksgiving point) and I enjoyed shopping (Wood Connection). We went to Hatch Family Chocolates, a store that is on the TLC channel, "The Little Chocolatiers". We visited friends the Triplet's - thanks for the dessert - and the Rip's - thanks for the bounce house fun! And the most important thing we did was see our nephew, Jaren, get baptized. It was a great week!

I have to show you these yummy donuts we got to take part of!!!
check it out:

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