Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt(s)!

First up was Jackson's school Easter Egg Hunt. Bright and sunny in the morning! Dawson was lucky he got to go.

He got to sit on his name.

Here we are counting our eggs - we need 12!Not really sure why my kids don't like the Easter Bunny - here's Jacson with his teacher. . . .Let me try - what's up with Thompson? (Dawson was smart he ran away from me and played as far as he could on the playground.)
Next up Dawson's class Easter Egg Hunt!

The Living History Museum

A "little house in the prairie". The third graders get to go on this fun field trip to the Living History Museum. They get to be performers for the museum and learn all the ways of the olden days. I got to be there and Thompson came along - we had a great day!

St. Patty's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day! Aren't these cupcake fun - the kids were so excited to eat these.
This year this kids decided the night before they were going to set a trap for a Leprechaun. I told them that if they did that he would come in and make a big mess. I wish I took a picture of the trap - they used fake coins to lure him in, and I said he isn't going to happy that you are tricking him. Well the next morning we didn't catch one but he made a mess in our playroom and turned our milk green! The kids loved it!

He was a happy boy that day even though we went to the doctor for a little check up. I thought he maybe had an ear infection and his eyes weren't looking to great too. Thank heaven no ear infection just a cold and an eye infection. He handled eye drops very well, I think he kinda liked it.

Happy Birthday to me!

Had a great birthday - it fell on a Saturday - the fam came up and celebrated.

Father Daughter Dance

Maddy was in heaven having her daddy all to herself for a night. They had a great time!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy Hair Day!

The pictures say it all . . . . .


Thompson has turned four months old! (he is four months in this picture) I call him my high maintenance baby. Just when you think that you are a professional mother having gone through it three time before, T had to come along and teach me more about being a mother. "Patience" - what is patience? Well let me tell you I have learned a variety of patience with all four of my children. I almost feel though as if Heavenly Father saved the best for last - Thompson the true test to see how patient I really am. (I think I am failing)
Madison = I learned that children like to be scheduled and know what is coming next. -Be patient
Dawson = Don't rush me or I will get frustrated and not want to do the things you want me to do. - Be patient
Jackson = Take time to hold me and play with all the imagination you got. - Be patient
Thompson = he has only been on the earth for four months and already I have learned the "patience" test over and over again. Sleeping, eating, running errands with him, doing household chores, homework with older kiddos, making meals, - he is a toughie and on top of it all Jeremy has his busy season right now and about 95% of the time I feel like a single parent. Now I don't want anyone reading this thinking that I love him a little less than my other kids - he is such a blessing to me and when I see his smile and his eyes light up when he sees me, I know he was sent to me for a reason. Wow it is great to be a mother and actually be a part of raising someone who will do great things in their lives - I know my kids will do GREAT things!
Now go hug your kids!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Am I?

This is it - my cute post! Can you guess who is who? These are all four of my babies when they were two months old. All four of them loved bath time and were soooo happy to get the stinky clothes off for the day and start a fresh for their all night sleep (HA)!