Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm back! The month of December is my busiest month, as I am sure it is for everyone. I sometimes feel I never get a breather or a moment to take in the holiday season, and this year WOW what a whirl wind! Lets begin with Thanksgiving. . . . .

Thanksgiving was at our house this year and we also Blessed our Thompson. Jeremy's family came and my family came it was an event. I am proud to say that my kitchen is suitable for a big feast, feeding 21 people and we were all able to sit in the dining room/living room.

Thompson was a very good boy when he was blessed - out of all my kids I thought he would be the one to let out some cries. (I have been lucky-none of my kids have cried during their blessings) My mom helped pick out his outfit and she made the handsome booties and afghan - he was very cute!

The fam! Dawson didn't want to cooperate!

My mom and dad - Thompson had enough with the pictures - he just wanted to go eat!

Grandma and Grandpa Sommer and Jeremy's mom and dad.

A good friend of mine did me a huge favor and took some pictures of my family on Thanksgiving day! What a pal! They turned out great.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Fun!

October is such a busy and very fun month! I was lucky to have been a part of almost everything I wanted to do while having a baby. I was able to go to Jackson's field trip to the pumpkin patch, and then two days after having the baby my mom and I drove over to Dawson's first Kindergarten - riding a big yellow bus - field trip to the pumpkin patch (he was a little disappointed that I wasn't going with him the entire time), all the parents thought I was crazy, but I only stayed to get a few pictures and then I was out of there. I went and passed out candy at our church's trunk or treat, Thompson stayed in the car and I only allowed people to peek in the car. I helped at Jackson's Halloween party, attended Madison's for a little while and again helped out in Dawson's class party (I signed up to be the room mom - I am crazy!) I feel great and I am so happy about that. Thompson is a good baby, I had his two week appointment last week and he is now 9lbs. 6ozs. and the doctor thought he was very angelic! He is a very healthy boy - no jaundice or anything. He sleeps good at night and really that is all I could ever wish for!

The kids dressed up as Halloween characters this year. Madison was a witch, Dawson was a warewolf, Jackson was Frankenstien, and Thompson was a pumpkin. My mom did a wonderful job with all of them!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dawson's first Soccer First Goal!

Well the next exciting event that happen the week of Thompson's birth was Dawson made his first goal at his soccer game! And of course I wasn't there, because I stayed home with the baby, I am very glad Jeremy got the video of it! He is number 10/white.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Thompson John

I am finally getting a chance to get on here and blog my delivery experience! I don't have a lot of time on my hands, in fact I think I need more hands and while I am at it just more of me to go around. Wow, it has been a whirl wind of fun and excitement!

On October 7th my doctor told me that I was moving along great and she basically told me it could be any day really - key word "day". I was having contractions every now and then, but nothing that could really be timed. I thought for sure the baby would be born the 10th, because the doctor had stripped my membranes and usually it has taken me two to three days to really start laboring. Well the 10th had passed, my mom came up to await the arrival and we thought for sure it would be the 14th, because I had another doctor's appointment that day and she again stripped my membranes and told me I was dilated to a three and 70 percent effaced. Well that day passed and so did the weekend! Finally Tuesday morning, the 20th, I had contractions 8-11 minutes apart and I said I am going in! (one day before my due date)

We got to the hospital and they hooked me up and the doctor on call came in and basically told me I was not in full labor yet and she gave me two options - I could either go home and wait till I was in full labor or they could pump me with antibiotics (for Strep B), break my water and get me going. I chose to get it done! After being very uncomfortable for about three weeks I was glad this doctor gave me this option.

At 2pm they broke my "bag of waters", at about 4ish I was about dialated to a seven and the nurse that checked me said that she thinks the baby was face up (that was not good news). When she left Jeremy gave me a blessing and after that the contractions really picked up and I was panicing thinking to my self this is going to hurt if this baby doesn't turn and maybe this time I should get an epidural. I was on my side and all the sudden my intire body became tingling and I couldn't seem to control it and was asking for more pain medicine - well the nurse was almost ready to check my progress to see if she could give me more medicine and all the sudden I said I need to lay on my back and as I was rolling on to my back I said I gotta push! The nurse was telling me "no, don't push, just breath" and I wasn't even pushing really and he was coming out! So I guess a mid wife came in and she was catching the baby while the doctor was getting all ready to step in and the mid wife said to me push and I remember saying but I am not having a contration and then the mid wife, my mom and Jeremy all said "no you need to push now" and out he came at 5:52pm! I could not believe how fast he came! Pushing is my least favorite part and this time it was awesome! The doctor was glad that she at least got to deliver the placenta.

I went from this to that! (I can't believe I put these pictures in here)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby #4

I am reaching the final days or weeks maybe to this pregnancy and I thought I would blog how this pregnancy was in relation to the other three. First of all I got professional pictures done because when I was pregnant with Madison and actually saw a picture of myself I said no more pictures of me pregnant - I did not feel pretty! With Dawson I have one pregnancy picture and that was at Halloween all dressed up for a shot gun wedding, and I do not have any pictures of me pregnant with Jackson (that is a good thing, because I gained the most weight with him). So I thought it would be fun to get them professionally done and have the photographer tell me how to pose - she did a great job (Cathi Bitter).
Since I am thinking this is my last pregnancy I truly wanted to enjoy every minute and take it all in, but so many new feelings came with this pregnancy that I was taken for surprise. The first trimester I never knew what to eat and actually was happier eating nothing - having nothing to disturb my stomach. I never threw up - yeah! - but with the other pregnancy I was happy to have a cracker or two in my tummy. And the mood swings - my poor family - one minute I am loving and caring and the next I am telling the kids that we live in a dump "pick up your stuff!" I was tired with each pregnancy, but I feel that I accomplished a lot with the first three, like for example when we moved to Rocklin and found out two days later that I was pregnant with Jackson I painted three bedrooms and basically made the house into "our" home. I was too tired and achy to do anything this time. I know that some of you are reading this and saying "whatever Heather" taking care of three kids, a husband, a dog, taught clogging, a household, church calling, and whatever else - I still feel as though I could of felt better than I did.
The second trimester should of been full of great food cravings and eating just about anything - all I wanted to eat was fruit, nice cold fruit. O.K. this wasn't a bad thing - but where were the protein cravings, the burgers and milk shakes - I actually stopped and got a milk shake one time and basically had to gag it down and I didn't feel good at all after eating it. Thank heaven for the Taco Bell fruit drinks - fruitesia - yum! (but full of sugar) Right at the end of the second trimester I had to take my wedding ring off - I began to swell in my hands and ankles. I just figured it was the summer heat and I was thankful for friends with pools and took full advantage every time I got the chance to soak my feet and hands. With the others I would swell at about two weeks before my due date, if at all.
This last trimester has gotten a little better when it comes to food (except for the heart burn of course), but the body aches and pains have really gotten on my last nerve. Last month I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel - my left wrist has a sharp pain and I cannot close my hand to make a fist without the joints in my fingers locking and in my right hand my fingers are constantly tingling like they are asleep. One of my friends has really noticed how fat my fingers are and Jeremy has noticed that they feel different when I hold his hand, so I call them my hot dog fingers! I hope I don't jinks myself, but there has been one lucky thing and that is I have not had any kidney stones. I had them with Madison when I was in my 18th week, Dawson was my 10th week, and Jackson I was in my 8th Month. So I either will be really lucky and not get them for the this pregnancy or they are just waiting to come out after the pregnancy - it is like a ticking time bomb to me - they are NOT fun. I can honestly say that sleeping has been the same with each pregnancy, I get all big and uncomfortable to get any kind of a good night sleep.
But with all the complaints comes the over whelming joy of having a beautiful baby in my arms and in our home again. I can't wait! A year ago at this time I wasn't sure if a number 4 was in our future. I second guessed the thought after going through a miscarriage (second one in my life), and on top of that I was attending my Nana's funeral - not a easy time for me. I felt that the pregnancy was a great thing to a time of sadness and when I loss the baby I thought to myself maybe I can only handle three kids - Jeremy was a strength and told me he wants another little girl - to bad it's a little boy! I am very excited to be a mother of three boys - I know that through my life's experiences I can teach them the ropes of how to treat the ladies! And Jeremy will teach them how to be great supports to their own families. Madison I don't worry about - girls already have a built in nurturing system.
I will keep you posted to the arrival of our little Thompson John!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Soccer games started last Saturday and this top picture was the only one I got of the first game. I was totally ready to take some great pics of Dawson's first sporting game and he only did the warm up and cried and complained the entire game. Most of the conversation between the two of us was negotiation of what I can give or take away from him to get him out on the field. Well he got a week of no XBOX.
Today went totally better! He play and cooperated the entire game. He got to play goally first and he did an excellent job - the other team tried but no goal for them!
They were at the other side of the field most of the time, so he had good time just hanging out!
He counted each and every time he kicked the ball. He would kick and then hold the amount on his fingers up in the air - he was very proud of himself and I was very proud of him. I really enjoyed watching him. (he is the #10 white jersey)
Here are the cheerleaders - even though they were off playing somewhere together. Almost all of Madison's friends play soccer, she never wanted to play and I am glad about that - she does a great job playing basketball!


This is a gingerbread man that Dawson made at school - he let me know that he did not want to eat it.

This was a birthday cake that Maddy made at her activity days - I am very proud of her and she also was very excited to show me her work.

I have been busy this month with getting used to the back to school schedule and my church calling. I was in charge of a "Super Friday" craft night on the 11th. A night filled with crafts and chatting with women. I would put pictures of the crafts but some of them are Christmas presents to family members! The night went well and I am very glad that it is over!

Rock Concert!

O.K. Jeremy was out of town and this picture was a bet. There were a lot of interesting folk at the Poison and Def Lepard concert. And yes it is a wig and Jeremy totally needs one!
My sister came up for the concert, she wouldn't miss a rock concert for anything. My big hair 80's Rock friends - Enochka and Marissa.
Me and the baby rocking out!
It was a great concert!

Jessi is 3! or 21 in dog years.

We had a little party for the joy in our lives - Jessi! (her birthday is September 1st) It was difficult getting a picture of her - she wasn't cooperating very well, I think she thought it was weird that we put her on the counter top and was feeding her human food.
She is eating her Birthday cookie here - the kids think she is smiling for the camera.
This was a different day. Everytime Jeremy goes out of town there is always a few things that happen to me while he is gone - Jackson got a 24 hour flu and well Jessi had a mud bath.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School!

I broke a little tradition, and I kind of got burned for it. I usually make a school bus cake with donut wheels for the kids for our family back to school party, but because of my pregnancy I didn't want cake! So I made these sugar cookies with jelly in the middle. Dawson put in his order next year - he would rather have the cake.
Madison is going to be in 3rd grade! She is so excited to learn cursive (now she will be able to read everything I write!).
My Dawson will be in Kindergarten!
And my little Jackson will be in 3 year old Preschoo! (He started on his cookie before I could get a picture.)
We are ready!
Madison the morning of the first day of school. She has a great teacher this year and her good friend is in her class, again (Kindergarten - now they have been in the same class), oh, and Jimmy is her class - cute boy! She is ready!
Oh, my Dawson - I have had a little worry with him about school, but he is really surprising - thus far - and has had a great first two days of school (Preschool was a little rough for him to go and partake in activities). When I registered him I tried to get him in a class with some friends he knows, so the transition was a little easier. But he was in a class of boys he doesn't know - I tried to get him switched, letting the principle know that I was 7th in line to the request I wanted, but he was not helpful to me at all (and actually made me feel a little less of a good mother). Dawson does not know what I was trying to do and he is really enjoying going to school, and my hope is that it will continue all the way up to graduation! He told me this morning "Mom, I am glad that I go to school after lunch, because then I miss quiet time, I don't like quiet time".
Jackson so wants to be a part of this so he too got a picture! Oh, and I have not blogged that fact that he broke his foot. Last Wednesday Jeremy took him and Madison to a work BBQ, while I took Dawson to Soccer practice (which he loves), and so when I got over to the BBQ Jeremy handed me a wounded Jackson and said he fell off a 7 foot playground structure and is limping. So we got home I called the doctor and he said bring him in! The emergency room could not tell really if it was broken and put him in a splint and said that he will see a podiatrist, so lucky we got to see a friend who is a foot doctor and he told us that he broke the hardest bone to break in the foot - it is just under the little toe on his foot. So, he gets to wear a boot for hopefully just six weeks. I call him "boot man"!

Peaches from our tree!

Good Luck Jay

One of Jeremy's co-worker and good friend is moving on to bigger and better things. His office had a little party for him and guess who was asked to make a cake? The top is a jello mold with a calculator in it, the middle is the Ernst and Young logo and Blue Shield logo, and the bottom is a bunch of Accountant lingo! The perfect Accountants cake!

King Tut

The Larsen's, the Webb's, and the Robinson's took a trip to San Fran. to see the King Tut exhibit. We had a great day! First we had a picnic at the park, then we saw the exhibit - which was really cool, I have always said that my one place that I would like to see is Egypt! Then we went to Giradelli Square and had ice cream, and then we went down to the wharf and went to a boat museum - the kids love it! We were pretty worn out by the end of the day.