Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School!

I broke a little tradition, and I kind of got burned for it. I usually make a school bus cake with donut wheels for the kids for our family back to school party, but because of my pregnancy I didn't want cake! So I made these sugar cookies with jelly in the middle. Dawson put in his order next year - he would rather have the cake.
Madison is going to be in 3rd grade! She is so excited to learn cursive (now she will be able to read everything I write!).
My Dawson will be in Kindergarten!
And my little Jackson will be in 3 year old Preschoo! (He started on his cookie before I could get a picture.)
We are ready!
Madison the morning of the first day of school. She has a great teacher this year and her good friend is in her class, again (Kindergarten - now they have been in the same class), oh, and Jimmy is her class - cute boy! She is ready!
Oh, my Dawson - I have had a little worry with him about school, but he is really surprising - thus far - and has had a great first two days of school (Preschool was a little rough for him to go and partake in activities). When I registered him I tried to get him in a class with some friends he knows, so the transition was a little easier. But he was in a class of boys he doesn't know - I tried to get him switched, letting the principle know that I was 7th in line to the request I wanted, but he was not helpful to me at all (and actually made me feel a little less of a good mother). Dawson does not know what I was trying to do and he is really enjoying going to school, and my hope is that it will continue all the way up to graduation! He told me this morning "Mom, I am glad that I go to school after lunch, because then I miss quiet time, I don't like quiet time".
Jackson so wants to be a part of this so he too got a picture! Oh, and I have not blogged that fact that he broke his foot. Last Wednesday Jeremy took him and Madison to a work BBQ, while I took Dawson to Soccer practice (which he loves), and so when I got over to the BBQ Jeremy handed me a wounded Jackson and said he fell off a 7 foot playground structure and is limping. So we got home I called the doctor and he said bring him in! The emergency room could not tell really if it was broken and put him in a splint and said that he will see a podiatrist, so lucky we got to see a friend who is a foot doctor and he told us that he broke the hardest bone to break in the foot - it is just under the little toe on his foot. So, he gets to wear a boot for hopefully just six weeks. I call him "boot man"!

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AO said...

I wish you could have been there for my first days of school. Love the pictures!