Sunday, September 21, 2008

One of the Village People

Getting ready for bed - Jeremy out of town - I found a member of the Village People. Here is Jackson playing his piano with his hard hat on. YMCA! I wish I had a video camera handy - it was so adorable.

Huge Garage Sale

We had our annual neighborhood garage sale. The kids had a great time playing with all the merchandise. In this picture Madison and Dawson are watching "Snow White" - we didn't sell the T.V. or the VCR, because I think people thought it was out for the kids. It was fun!

Rocklin High Football Game

We saw our first Rocklin High football game. The kids, I think, had a great time. Jackson was a little wiggly and I had to walk around with him a few times - he was tired and was trying to keep himself awake. We left during half time - we had a few incidents where I had to throw up my arms and say "I'm done!" The first was a high school student was showing off and did a flip over the railing bar and his long leg came down right onto Dawson's head - the kid was very sorry and I told him to run and get some ice. Dawson was crying, not so much from the pain, but he dropped his lollie pop and he was upset we couldn't find it. Then Jeremy got hit right between the eyes with a plastic football by a three year old. And Jackson would not leave this back pack, that was not ours, alone! It was totally crazy - it will take a lot to get me back to a game - maybe when Madison is in High School!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Do As You Are Told Bowling

We started a "Do As You Are Told" Jar at our house. When the kids actually did something that they were told to do without having it repeated several times (ie: cleaning, put your shoes on, brush your teeth, practice the piano, do your homework, time to turn off "Lego Star Wars", - I could go on and on), they get to put marbles in the Jar - when we were out of marbles we all get to go bowling or miniature golfing. So we were off to "Strikes"! The kids had a great time. I can't believe how good Jackson was at listening and doing what he was told - the last time we were bowling he was all over the place, sticking his hands in were the balls come out, standing right behind the person rolling the ball, - this time was a lot better with him (he still had to see the balls come out, but his hands were in a safer place).

The boys! Jackson looked so cute in his shoes - he walked like a duck.

Madison got a strike and she didn't even hit the bumpers!

Dawson is still rolling the ball - I think it hurts him when he sticks his fingers in the 3 holes. He was hilarious when he played - he would roll down the first play and then the second play he would place the ball on the sides were most of the pins were and then he would point to were he wanted the ball to go - it was absolutely adorable!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

80's Roller Skating Party!

Our good friends the "Wilsons" gathered a huge group of friends together for an 80's Roller Skating Party. We rented out the rink, dressed up, and skated to the sounds of the 80's! It was a blast! Jackson didn't recognize me when I left the house - but he seemed o.k. with it.
Before the roller skating we went to TGIF for dinner - we got some great looks from people. There were so many stories from that night, I do not know where to begin!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This is my parents new boat! It is very fancy. They have a man made lake in their back yard and you are only allowed peddle boats or slow boats (no motorized) out on the water and my dad found this boat that you can peddle and it is electric, so it also can just chug you along - so fun! The kids loved it! They wanted it to go faster, but I also think they enjoyed the peace of gliding along the water.
My niece Alysa, Jeremy, Me and nephew Evan (the twins as we call them).
My Sister Bronwyn, Brad, Dawson, nephew Caden, and Madison.
We had a great weekend with the family!