Monday, May 17, 2010

"80's Skate Party

Most of the pregnancy's (I lost count) are all through and my friend Enochka was itchin for a 80's party!

Friends and Caden's Birthday Cake

My bestest (old) neighbors in the world came to visit us from Utah. (Thompson, Jackson, Dawson, Maddy, Sarah and Aiden.)
Me and Debbie - I truly miss living right next door to someone I would completely trust if I needed something and just to hang out and talk too - it was at a time of very young kids and the beginnings of learning that little word "patience". Thanks Debbie it was fun!
Caden's Birthday cake - a lego joker. Notice I didn't put it at the top of the page - not a easy cake to make. It didn't turn out too bad, but it could of been better.

Mother's day Madness!

2010 Mother's day treated me nice! I had a great week of Mother's day programs and on the actual day I was treated like a queen. First up Jackson had his program, the kids read Brown Bear Brown Bear and Jackson was the white dog and they sang the cutest songs (I will get a video uploaded in here soon). Dawson's program was very well put together too. (Again video!)

Teacher Appreciation Gift

This year I wanted to do something for my kids teachers and I found this on a website. It's a medicine container and each day of the week has a special something.
"You really measure up!" - measuring tape
"You are 'sharp' as a tack!" - thumb tacks (that I made!!)
"You were 'mint' to teach! Thank you for your hard work!" - Mints
"We are 'stuck' on you!" - magnets (that I made!!)
"Thanks for holding everything together!" - paper clips
"'Soda' you know that we think you are a great teacher?" - change for a pop
"A note to let you know that you are a wonderful teacher" - mini sticky note pad
It was a lot of fun to make!

Dawson's Pizza Field Trip

Dawson making pizza! He was so excited about this field trip. When we got home from school and it was time for dinner he said, "don't worry mom I will make dinner, because I know how to make pizza now . . . ." and he explained to me each step.


Happy Birthday! Jackson is 4!!!!

Opening his first present.
We had family staying at the house so my room was a little messy - excuse the clutter!

He was a happy boy - very excited to turn four.
His blue dinosaur cake.

He may not look excited, but he was!

Lobster shorts - very classy!

Easter 2010

Were did April go? - and part of May - wow my life has been a little busy and my housework shows it, man what a mess!

Now for a little catching up! Easter was busy but fun. Jeremy's Brothers and Parents came out for Spring Break and Easter just happen to land on that time. We kept busy with going to the zoo, San Fransisco, baseball game, shopping, playing with cousins, and all the Easter Fun!
And the following week we celebrated Easter and Jackson's birthday at my parents house. My parents got a new puppy, Bella, and the kids are loving her - Jessi is a little jealous, but she is copping.