Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Drummer Boy and Slip n' Slide!

"BREAKING DAWN" is coming out this Saturday! The fourth book to the Twilight series, by Stephenie Meyer. Good read for those who love vampires!
Jackson loves to play the drums!
Jeremy and I went shopping after our date to the movies ("Journey to the Center of the Earth" - Brendan Fraiser!), and we found slip n' slides on sale for $5. I can't believe Jeremy bought one, he is particular about the lawn. The kids had fun - Madison was like a penguin, Dawson was very careful, and Jackson was not heavy enough to make it very far! Daddy was giving all three of them pushes. I watched and picked some peaches off our tree - we have tons of them!


Friday, July 25, 2008


Another week of summer has pasted by very quickly! Madison had her last day of swim lessons yesterday. She did very well and is now able to jump off the diving board and swim to the side all by herself! She said one day that "swimming was hard work", I agree with her on that one. Last Saturday I went river rafting with the youth in our ward, it was a blast! I didn't fall out of the raft, out of eight of us I think three fell out of our boat. There were 7 rafts all together and the kids had a blast with water fights and knocking leaders into the water. Our boat was called the "blue pearl" and we were the "best boat ever", that was our cheer! Our boat did some pirating and stole all the water guns out of each of the boats when we were taking a break at one point, I think others didn't think we were the best boat ever.
I made some cupcakes for one of Jeremy's co-workers baby boy shower, the theme was . . . .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Clogging Camp and Cakes

This week was all about the letter "C". I held my first Clogging Camp, which ran for five days in a row. I had two classes, all girls, ranging in ages 31/2 to 10years old. I had a great time with them all. We decorated little bags to carry our clogs in, made little beaded safety pins to decorate our clogging shoes, played games, and of course clogged our little feet off. I intended on taking pictures of the classes, but my camera was out of batteries, nice huh!
I also was kept busy making Cakes for two of Jeremy's co-workers. Here is the Batmobile cake I made for a little boy who was turning 8 years old. I did have a wing emergency when I drove the cake over to Jeremy office where the customer was. The wings melted in the car! I was lucky because I still had time to go home make some new wings, and thanks to my good friends Jennifer and Emily, they watched my kids (because I invited them over for a little water fun party) while I ran back to the office and fixed the cake, I am pretty proud of the cake. I should be on the car show Overhauled or Pimp My Ride!
This was another Cake I made for a Luau Bridal Shower. I got the design from my new website obsession www.Cakecentral.com. I have my own page full of cakes that I have decorated. It is really fun to post a picture of a cake and get comments from other cake decoraters!
p.s. my nickname on cakecental.com is "megaho"! if you are on the website and run into one of my cakes.

The Smoke and Our Garden

These were pictures taken on our way home from Utah going through the mountains out of Reno (July 6th). The smoke was aweful! The blue in the picture is not the sky.

When we got back from our trip, we came home to a plethera of yummy tomatoes from our garden!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Whats the forth without fireworks! Uncle Laren put on a great show and Jeremy's cousin bought some great illegals - they were awesome. I didn't get worried until at one point, Jeremy got up from his chair for a moment and a firework particle went clunk on the metal chair next to me - scary - Jeremy was lucky he got up, I don't know what kind of damage that could of entailed. The kids loved the sparklers.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meat Fest 2008

This is Karli and Jackson taking a nap before dinner. The annual Sommer, Robinson, Blunck Meat Fest is what we did for the fourth of July dinner. Jeremy and I contributed 3 big tri-tips from Costco (California is known for them), Jeremy's Aunt Marcene and Uncle Don brought steak, brauts, shrimp and more steak, there was a lot of meat. All that was left over was a little tri-tip and steak, and shrimp - I can't believe what this family puts away sometimes! It was really fun. Things got a little crazy afterwords and Jeremy's cousin, Ryan, said "If we act this way after we eat meat, imagine what we would be like if we drank." Jeremy's Grandma Sommer did an awesome job with dinner, she made all the side dishes and really yummy desserts!

Aunt Marcene gave the kids rides on the lawn mower while dinner was getting ready. She was on that thing for over an hour, the kids had a blast - we had to remind her of the gas prices.

MEAT! We had three grills going.

Rexburg Temple and BYU Idaho Horticultural Gardens

Fourth of July Parade in Rexburg, Idaho

Karli, and Dawson.
A line of kids - not all family - Maya, Jaren, Madison, Cloe, and Lexis are ones we claim in the picture.
Karli, Grandma, Madison, and Aunt Andrea (Sister in-law).
Garret, Jeremy, Bryton, Uncle Jason, and Grandpa
Hailie (sitting-very pregnant) her husband Kevin, Maya, Karli, Aunt Andrea, Garret, and Madison.
Fire Truck cooling off the parade watchers - it was cool!
Jackson jammin to the beat!

IdaHO, first day there!

Our first day in Idaho - Jeremy went golfing with his dad, brothers, cousin in-law, and Uncle, while the women folk stayed and played with the kids at Jeremy's grandparents house. We saw the horses, played in the pool, made little craft purses, and played with Lane and Sheila's kitties (we stayed at there house while we were there). Good times!

Cousins, Cupcakes, and Snails!

We had a pre-fourth of July party before we headed up to Idaho for the fourth. Jeremy's Aunt Sheila came down from Idaho to Salt Lake to take her kids to the Stadium of Fire in Provo. Jeremy's cousins - newly married Tyler and his wife Laura, Kyle, Ashten, and Tregan (same age as Madison, they had a good time playing together) - we got to visit with them. Jeremy's Uncle Lane and cousin Derek stayed in Idaho to work and they also have a missionary in the field - Mitch. (6 kids - 6 cousins of Jeremy). Before Jeremy's mission when we were dating, his Aunt Sheila, Uncle Lane and their four boys used to drive me back and forth from Rexburg to Salt Lake, so I feel a little old seeing 10 year old Tyler Married and baby Kyle almost ready to drive! When the kids were playing together, they found a bunch of snails and had a good time playing with them and naming them, YUCK! I made firework cupcakes too!

Visit with the Larsen's

While we were in Utah visiting Jeremy's Family, we got to visit with my brother Jack, his wife Amanda, and their very adorable boy Corban. The kids love their cousin Corban, when he talks it is so cute, he kept saying "Wallie" and Madison would laugh - it was so cute! They had a good time splashing in the water fountian - Corban got it in the face a few times and the look on his face was priceless.

Jackson was a little tired, this was the same day as Raging Waters.

Raging Waters

In line to enter that gates of cool water! It was HOT!

Jackson and Madison.
Madison and Dawson enjoying a snack.
Jackson too.
We had a great time. Jeremy, in his younger years, used to work as life guard here. He was good to go on all the fast slides. Even Jackson rode on one of the roller coaster slides - he insisted on going "up stairs" - so Jeremy took him up there and then down the slide - I can't say he loved, because he got dunked at the bottom. Madison loved the slides, Dawson just wanted to watch, but I forced him on one and he said he still just wants to watch. It was a good day!