Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meat Fest 2008

This is Karli and Jackson taking a nap before dinner. The annual Sommer, Robinson, Blunck Meat Fest is what we did for the fourth of July dinner. Jeremy and I contributed 3 big tri-tips from Costco (California is known for them), Jeremy's Aunt Marcene and Uncle Don brought steak, brauts, shrimp and more steak, there was a lot of meat. All that was left over was a little tri-tip and steak, and shrimp - I can't believe what this family puts away sometimes! It was really fun. Things got a little crazy afterwords and Jeremy's cousin, Ryan, said "If we act this way after we eat meat, imagine what we would be like if we drank." Jeremy's Grandma Sommer did an awesome job with dinner, she made all the side dishes and really yummy desserts!

Aunt Marcene gave the kids rides on the lawn mower while dinner was getting ready. She was on that thing for over an hour, the kids had a blast - we had to remind her of the gas prices.

MEAT! We had three grills going.

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