Friday, July 18, 2008

Clogging Camp and Cakes

This week was all about the letter "C". I held my first Clogging Camp, which ran for five days in a row. I had two classes, all girls, ranging in ages 31/2 to 10years old. I had a great time with them all. We decorated little bags to carry our clogs in, made little beaded safety pins to decorate our clogging shoes, played games, and of course clogged our little feet off. I intended on taking pictures of the classes, but my camera was out of batteries, nice huh!
I also was kept busy making Cakes for two of Jeremy's co-workers. Here is the Batmobile cake I made for a little boy who was turning 8 years old. I did have a wing emergency when I drove the cake over to Jeremy office where the customer was. The wings melted in the car! I was lucky because I still had time to go home make some new wings, and thanks to my good friends Jennifer and Emily, they watched my kids (because I invited them over for a little water fun party) while I ran back to the office and fixed the cake, I am pretty proud of the cake. I should be on the car show Overhauled or Pimp My Ride!
This was another Cake I made for a Luau Bridal Shower. I got the design from my new website obsession I have my own page full of cakes that I have decorated. It is really fun to post a picture of a cake and get comments from other cake decoraters!
p.s. my nickname on is "megaho"! if you are on the website and run into one of my cakes.


The Webb Family said...

I cannot believe you made that beautiful cake! You are CRAZY talented--I'm a bit jealous! Love ya--I haven't talked to you in forever!

AO said...

Okay...can you come to Utah and make cakes for me? WOW!!! I'm TOTALLY impressed!

Jen said...

I love your cakes! You always were very domestic! I'm not dating anyone seriously. Who is this guy? Where does he live?

The Wellman Family said...

I love that Bateman Cake! So cute

the Aymster said...

Love the cakes. You do a great job!!