Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day of Preschool - PARTY!

Dawson had his last day of preschool party at a place called Bounce U. He had a great time playing with his friends, and Jackson was there too and he couldn't get enough of the slides - big or little he had no fear.
The 3 year old classes were combined - morning and afternoon - so this is all of them. They were watching a video of the rules for the bounce houses.
He got a new tiger shirt and he was showing anyone and everyone.
This is the award he received. He is a snuggle bug, and I sure love the fact that I get to see that cute face everyday! (Even with the pizza sauce! - they had pizza for lunch.)

Baddley Baby Boy Cake!

My friend Sara is having a baby boy, she has two girls and so this is very exciting for her family! I made a cake for her baby shower.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Ahhh three day weekend. This picture is of my Papa's grave sight in Colorado, my cousin the only one left in the mile high city - who might be actually be moving this fall - visited him this weekend and sent a picture. He was the coolest guy ever, I was very close to him growing up and remember so many wonderful memories of him (I was fourteen when he pasted away). My Nana - who lives with my mom right now - misses him more than anything, she talked about him a lot this Memorial Day. We had a great day on Monday, we had a little balloon fight, had a great dinner, did some dancing, practiced some baseball, and we made some delicious Smores! I took some great pictures but something happened to my camera and it erased some of the pictures. (My sister's Blog has more pictures of all the kids, check out Bronwyn and Brad's blog!)
Madison and Evan (with Alysa in the back holding Jessi). This is at my sister's house in Lodi.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1st grade pet week and Preschool park field trip

Madison got to share her dog "Jessi" with her class today. After they got to meet her they all wrote her a letter. In almost all of them they said "you are hyper" and some said "you look like an oreo". It was very cute and Madison was over joyed to share with all friends something very dear to her.

Dawson had a field trip today at the park, I was a class helper and so was Jackson. All the kids had a great time playing sports, blowing bubbles, eating snack, playing on the playground, playing in the water, and even flying a kite. It was the perfect day!

Bathing beauties!

"Indiana Jones"

My Nephew Caden's birthday cake. Not exactly how I wanted it, but he sure enjoyed it! Check out my sisters sight for more pictures.

Friday, May 16, 2008

We're Having a Heat Wave . . . .

It is so Hot! The first day to reach 100 degrees was yesterday and today was a little hotter. We got the frog pool out and cooled ourselves down!
Jeremy making it rain - his own words!

Elementary's Open House/Heat wave!

Madison's school had their open house last night. I am very proud of Madison and how smart she is - she definitely inherited Jeremy's brain. We walked around the room and saw everything that she is working on at this time. Her animal project was there and we finally got to read her report on "Elk". I am looking forward to more and more accomplishments that she makes in her life.
When we got home our power went out. We had some hope that it would turn back on within four hours - calling PG&E - but it was out all night and didn't turn back on until about 9am. It was hot and the kids didn't sleep very well without their night light and we learned that having a clock in Madison's room was very important to her - she didn't like the fact that she didn't know what time it was.

P.J.'s, Stitches, and Swimming

Preschool for Dawson is coming to an end soon, and his class is having fun activities every week. This week he had P.J. day and a swim/water play day. He loved wearing his P.J.'s all day, I actually had a hard time getting him out of the ones he slept in the night before (I thought he should wear a clean pair - call me crazy!). He argued with me all morning, "but mom it is P.J. day!" I finally just said if you don't put the clean ones on you don't go, and to my surprise he took it. He usually would say that's fine I don't want to go to school, so it showed that he was excited. He took his tiger with him and the class made their stuffed animals a blanket and necklace. Swim day was a lot of fun for him, he could not stop talking about the swimming pool for the rest of the day.
I have been trying to get a good picture of his stitches, but he has been a little stinker. Every time I want to look at it or put neosporin on it he says "no head". I finally got a shot in the car as he was trapped in his car seat! (still not the greatest picture)
Today he got the stitches out - it was fast and easy - the nurse said it looks really good!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

A big shout out to all the Motha's out there. My day started out great with Jeremy and kids making me breakfast in bed and Jeremy taking care of all the melt down and tantrums. I was able to catch up a little on the book I am reading. Jackson would come in every now and then to tell me what "daddy" or "Maddy" were doing, most of it was chinese, I only caught a few familiar words. We had a lovely day at church - Dawson was good in primary, Jackson was happy in the nursery. The day turned a little grey when I was walking to the car with the three kids. Jackson was a little bit behind me and he tripped (no nap makes any toddler a little off), I turned around to pick him up and dust him off, but realized he was laying in front of a lamp post with a metal square base - he was dripping blood. My awesome friend Pat came to the rescue! He picked him up, while I was looking for something to put over the gash (baby wipe) and then he ran into the building, straight to the bathroom - the "mens" bathroom. His wife was very fast in finding Jeremy and Jeremy went into the bathroom and few other friends went in there to help - each one coming out saying yeah he needs stitches. So we packed into the van and spent the evening in the E.R. Jackson was a trooper he cried a little here and there on the ride over, he was great in the waiting room (coloring in his "Wiggles" coloring book). Jeremy went back with him (I was not going to be the bad guy on mother's day). He said that he was entertaining other patients, hopefully making their day a little brighter. When it was time for the stitches they strapped him down and he did not like it, he was screaming crying, they started stitching and then he stopped crying for the remaining. "Four" stitches. When they came out and into the car he was happy, and very excited to see a box of french fries just for him! Jeremy was a good daddy taking good care of him. A friend of mine also had a moment like this, I should just copy and paste her blog message to mine, she has three kids as well. This is my first experience with stitches and the E.R. with any of my kids. We have been very blessed!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Animal Report

Madison had an animal report due today. She was to make an art work of the animal at home. She had the animal "Elk". Which in some ways is rather fitting. She loves reindeer (Christmas), and horse like animals (ZEBRA). She made her Elk out of pom poms, she had a great time making it, except she realized that hot glue is really hot!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Preschool Mother's Day

Dawson's preschool had a Mother's Day program today. It was great to see the kids sing songs about how much they appreciate and love their moms. Dawson didn't really sing, but he is cute so he at least has that much going for him. The teacher asked each child what they like to do for their mom and he said "Color my mom pictures"!It was a lot of fun! A moment like this needs to be remembered cause it only happens one time when they are this small.
(the bottom picture is Dawson's teacher Mrs. Danai)

Orlando, Florida '08

Here we are! The Front of the Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure.

The places inside the parks.

The rides!
This is the newest ride at the Universal theme park. "The Simpson's Ride", we went on this ride first thing one morning and it took Jeremy a couple hours to recover. We got off and he was very pale. The ride made him very dizzy. As we were standing in line we did recall that no one was really thrilled when they got off and some were also a little pale. So, we only rode this ride once!

Jurassic Park Boat Tour was one of our favorites. The T-Rex at the end was freakin awesome!

Dudley Do Right water ride was a lot of fun! You get pretty wet on the ride itself, but you get even wetter when other people put in a quarter and soak you with squirters at the very end of the ride.

Twister! (One of Jeremy's favorite movies) The Poseidon's Tour Show was our favorite show at the park. It was not only well air conditioned the effects were really cool.
Our other favorite rides that I didn't get pictures of was "The Mummy", "The Hulk" (Roller Coater), "Spiderman", "E.T.", and "The Dueling Dragons" (roller coaster with your feet dangling - first time Jeremy has been on a ride like that, he thought it was fun!)
The Characters we ran into!
This is pug dog in the movie "Men in Black" (I forgot his name). This was the animal show, (Jeremy was in training when I went around and caught all the shows we missed, I was really bummed when he missed this one)it was very cute and pretty amazing the tricks they can teach animals. "Max" from the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and one of the birds from "Evan Almighty" was there in the show too.


The Simpson's

Woody Wood Pecker (He was a little flirt!)

"Curios George" and "Scooby and Shaggy"
Spiderman! (He was a flirt too!)
The night life!

We had a great time and really enjoyed being just the two of us. We did miss the kids though when we went on rides that we knew without a doubt that the kids would love - "Jimmy Newtron", "Shrek", "The Cat and the Hat", etc. It was nice to reconnect and for me it was nice to take a break from the everyday business! I am very thankful for my mom, the kids had a great time there (Papa bought a Wii).