Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

A big shout out to all the Motha's out there. My day started out great with Jeremy and kids making me breakfast in bed and Jeremy taking care of all the melt down and tantrums. I was able to catch up a little on the book I am reading. Jackson would come in every now and then to tell me what "daddy" or "Maddy" were doing, most of it was chinese, I only caught a few familiar words. We had a lovely day at church - Dawson was good in primary, Jackson was happy in the nursery. The day turned a little grey when I was walking to the car with the three kids. Jackson was a little bit behind me and he tripped (no nap makes any toddler a little off), I turned around to pick him up and dust him off, but realized he was laying in front of a lamp post with a metal square base - he was dripping blood. My awesome friend Pat came to the rescue! He picked him up, while I was looking for something to put over the gash (baby wipe) and then he ran into the building, straight to the bathroom - the "mens" bathroom. His wife was very fast in finding Jeremy and Jeremy went into the bathroom and few other friends went in there to help - each one coming out saying yeah he needs stitches. So we packed into the van and spent the evening in the E.R. Jackson was a trooper he cried a little here and there on the ride over, he was great in the waiting room (coloring in his "Wiggles" coloring book). Jeremy went back with him (I was not going to be the bad guy on mother's day). He said that he was entertaining other patients, hopefully making their day a little brighter. When it was time for the stitches they strapped him down and he did not like it, he was screaming crying, they started stitching and then he stopped crying for the remaining. "Four" stitches. When they came out and into the car he was happy, and very excited to see a box of french fries just for him! Jeremy was a good daddy taking good care of him. A friend of mine also had a moment like this, I should just copy and paste her blog message to mine, she has three kids as well. This is my first experience with stitches and the E.R. with any of my kids. We have been very blessed!


Jen said...

I am just glad he is o.k. Head injuries are always a little gruesome. Of course it was on Mother's day. You'll never forget that one.

Hillybug said...

so sad! he and tess can have matching scars and talk about how cool they are when they get older!