Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1st grade pet week and Preschool park field trip

Madison got to share her dog "Jessi" with her class today. After they got to meet her they all wrote her a letter. In almost all of them they said "you are hyper" and some said "you look like an oreo". It was very cute and Madison was over joyed to share with all friends something very dear to her.

Dawson had a field trip today at the park, I was a class helper and so was Jackson. All the kids had a great time playing sports, blowing bubbles, eating snack, playing on the playground, playing in the water, and even flying a kite. It was the perfect day!

Bathing beauties!

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Amanda said...

jessi looks so cute all groomed! I bet she was on cloud nine getting all the attention (maddie too!!!) sorry it's been so long! lifes crazy as you well know, glad his stitches came out. love ya