Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bike Day

Today was Bike day at Dawson's Preschool! He got a new scooter, because he does not have a big boy bike yet. He had the choices of taking his trike (that he doesn't want to really ride anymore), or take his sister's pink and purple princess scooter. I chose to head to Target! He was very excited to show off HIS scooter. He told me today that his helmet is like a Storm Troopers (Star Wars), that ensured me that he will wear well today!

This is my latest decoration work. Jeremy's co-workers daughter was having a party and for a party favor she wanted monogrammed cookies. (I need to take a photography class.)


Andrea said...

Dawson, you look awesome!!!

Amanda said...

how cute "storm troopers"...made me laugh. cute cookies!
I made some sugar cookies and frosted them with cream cheese frosting...yum. I'll need some tips on how to frost them in a cute way though. I'm so lame ha ha.