Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Ahhh three day weekend. This picture is of my Papa's grave sight in Colorado, my cousin the only one left in the mile high city - who might be actually be moving this fall - visited him this weekend and sent a picture. He was the coolest guy ever, I was very close to him growing up and remember so many wonderful memories of him (I was fourteen when he pasted away). My Nana - who lives with my mom right now - misses him more than anything, she talked about him a lot this Memorial Day. We had a great day on Monday, we had a little balloon fight, had a great dinner, did some dancing, practiced some baseball, and we made some delicious Smores! I took some great pictures but something happened to my camera and it erased some of the pictures. (My sister's Blog has more pictures of all the kids, check out Bronwyn and Brad's blog!)
Madison and Evan (with Alysa in the back holding Jessi). This is at my sister's house in Lodi.

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