Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Utes!

University of Utah beat BYU 48 to 24. Jeremy is very happy - wooo hooo!
Jeremy was very brave and invited himself over to the cougars den (thank you Murrays) to watch the game. He was greeted with a BYU t-shirt to cover is red shirt. I made these cupcakes and was very fair in making half red and half blue, but the red got scraped off anyways. Go Utes!

"Twilight" THE MOVIE

(This one is for you Emily!) Thanks for wearing the shirt, Cheryl, great opening picture for my blog!
Here are all the old ladies that went to the Midnight viewing of the movie "Twilight". My good friend and Dawson's Pre-school teacher, Danai (in the purple), surprised me with a ticket to go and see the movie - It was so awesome! I really did enjoy seeing it and really didn't have much to complain about the movie. Reading the book is a little better - more detailed and the characters in my head match better than the ones on screen.

Here are the youngins we took with us, daughters and good friends.

Poor Lauren, actually did homework - what a good girl.

Young Women in Exellence

Our Young Women in the Ward had their Young Women in Excellence last Wednesday. This was a night to celebrate all the girls talents and achievements this past year. It was a great and spiritual night - the talks were amazing and the refreshments were ..... just take a look yourself! The theme was "Be a Star" or something like that (sorry Jody - I forgot). For those of you who don't know, I work with the Young Women, ages 12-13, in my church - I love it cause I can keep up with the times and be ready for when Madison gets to be this age.

Turkey's on Strike!

Madison had her "Turkey's on Strike" second grade play last Tuesday. She had been singing the songs at home and telling me what we need to eat this Thanksgiving dinner. I was very proud of her! She not once told me she was nervous or scared and she actually sang the songs on stage. Her class was the squash and cranberries.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Three hours of Pure Heaven! Yesterday I finally cashed in on my Birthday gift (March is my birthday). Jeremy took me to Amadeus Spa in Napa Valley. I have never experienced a day at the spa - wow it is a whole new world! I won't get into all the clean and refreshing details - but I do have to say that Jeremy needs to take a class in facial messages - that was my favorite!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

70's Theme cake

Another short notice Birthday cake. A friend of mine called me Friday morning and said she needed a cake for her daughter, who was turning 30 years old, that evening. The party had a theme of the 1970's and the colors were purple, fuchsia, teal, and gold. I wish I had more time to come up with something really amazing!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleepy Boy

This is what happens when you have 12:30pm church time!

Trick or Treating and Party all the time!

Trick or Treat!
Pictures from Madison's Class Party!
Pictures from Dawson's Class Party!

Somehow I got myself in charge of both - but thanks to great parents, I had a lot of help! And Thanks to Jeremy for taking the day off to help with the boys!

Fall is in Bloom

We have this tree in our front yard, and every year it makes a mess! The kids had a good time making a pile and jumping in!

Another Co-worker Cake

One of Jeremy's Co-workers came up to him on Monday and asked how much time I needed in advance to order a cake. She needed it by Tuesday - she didn't care what the cake looked like she just wanted it to taste good (it was for her boyfriend's Birthday). This was the finished product - what do you think? Does it look girly? I was going for a confetti look.