Sunday, November 9, 2008

70's Theme cake

Another short notice Birthday cake. A friend of mine called me Friday morning and said she needed a cake for her daughter, who was turning 30 years old, that evening. The party had a theme of the 1970's and the colors were purple, fuchsia, teal, and gold. I wish I had more time to come up with something really amazing!


Buxton Family said...

Cute cake! You are so very talented. I got your message about clogging. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see you tonight.

Amanda Jack & Corban said...

what a fun cake-you're amazing to be able to throw it together like that! We're so excited to see you guys next month!!! Corban can't wait for the big sleep over with all the cousins! He keeps saying all their names: "evan, maddie, 'lysa, dawson, jackson, caden" woohoo.