Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rocklin High Football Game

We saw our first Rocklin High football game. The kids, I think, had a great time. Jackson was a little wiggly and I had to walk around with him a few times - he was tired and was trying to keep himself awake. We left during half time - we had a few incidents where I had to throw up my arms and say "I'm done!" The first was a high school student was showing off and did a flip over the railing bar and his long leg came down right onto Dawson's head - the kid was very sorry and I told him to run and get some ice. Dawson was crying, not so much from the pain, but he dropped his lollie pop and he was upset we couldn't find it. Then Jeremy got hit right between the eyes with a plastic football by a three year old. And Jackson would not leave this back pack, that was not ours, alone! It was totally crazy - it will take a lot to get me back to a game - maybe when Madison is in High School!

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