Monday, September 8, 2008

Do As You Are Told Bowling

We started a "Do As You Are Told" Jar at our house. When the kids actually did something that they were told to do without having it repeated several times (ie: cleaning, put your shoes on, brush your teeth, practice the piano, do your homework, time to turn off "Lego Star Wars", - I could go on and on), they get to put marbles in the Jar - when we were out of marbles we all get to go bowling or miniature golfing. So we were off to "Strikes"! The kids had a great time. I can't believe how good Jackson was at listening and doing what he was told - the last time we were bowling he was all over the place, sticking his hands in were the balls come out, standing right behind the person rolling the ball, - this time was a lot better with him (he still had to see the balls come out, but his hands were in a safer place).

The boys! Jackson looked so cute in his shoes - he walked like a duck.

Madison got a strike and she didn't even hit the bumpers!

Dawson is still rolling the ball - I think it hurts him when he sticks his fingers in the 3 holes. He was hilarious when he played - he would roll down the first play and then the second play he would place the ball on the sides were most of the pins were and then he would point to were he wanted the ball to go - it was absolutely adorable!

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Buxton Family said...

I did something similar when my kids were younger. We changed it up every few months with different names and items going in or out of something, but they always loved it. Your family is beautiful. We look forward to getting to know you all better. We hear you are also Guitar Hero/Rock Band fans. We will have to get together and jam sometime. Rachel is really quite good. She puts everyone else in our family to shame. I think playing the violin gives her an advantage.