Saturday, November 7, 2009

October Fun!

October is such a busy and very fun month! I was lucky to have been a part of almost everything I wanted to do while having a baby. I was able to go to Jackson's field trip to the pumpkin patch, and then two days after having the baby my mom and I drove over to Dawson's first Kindergarten - riding a big yellow bus - field trip to the pumpkin patch (he was a little disappointed that I wasn't going with him the entire time), all the parents thought I was crazy, but I only stayed to get a few pictures and then I was out of there. I went and passed out candy at our church's trunk or treat, Thompson stayed in the car and I only allowed people to peek in the car. I helped at Jackson's Halloween party, attended Madison's for a little while and again helped out in Dawson's class party (I signed up to be the room mom - I am crazy!) I feel great and I am so happy about that. Thompson is a good baby, I had his two week appointment last week and he is now 9lbs. 6ozs. and the doctor thought he was very angelic! He is a very healthy boy - no jaundice or anything. He sleeps good at night and really that is all I could ever wish for!

The kids dressed up as Halloween characters this year. Madison was a witch, Dawson was a warewolf, Jackson was Frankenstien, and Thompson was a pumpkin. My mom did a wonderful job with all of them!

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