Saturday, September 26, 2009


Soccer games started last Saturday and this top picture was the only one I got of the first game. I was totally ready to take some great pics of Dawson's first sporting game and he only did the warm up and cried and complained the entire game. Most of the conversation between the two of us was negotiation of what I can give or take away from him to get him out on the field. Well he got a week of no XBOX.
Today went totally better! He play and cooperated the entire game. He got to play goally first and he did an excellent job - the other team tried but no goal for them!
They were at the other side of the field most of the time, so he had good time just hanging out!
He counted each and every time he kicked the ball. He would kick and then hold the amount on his fingers up in the air - he was very proud of himself and I was very proud of him. I really enjoyed watching him. (he is the #10 white jersey)
Here are the cheerleaders - even though they were off playing somewhere together. Almost all of Madison's friends play soccer, she never wanted to play and I am glad about that - she does a great job playing basketball!

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