Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fourth of July '10 (sorry a little late)

We spent the fouth of July this year in Modesto. Before we left we went to our ward's annual pancake breakfast and bike parade. The kids enjoyed decorating thier bikes this year! We went to the Modesto Nuts baseball game - it was a tied game so we had to sit through a couple extra innings to wait for the fireworks, the kids were so tired, but said it was worth it (Thompson was the only to fall asleep). Oh, and Dawson when we got to the game, he rode in the Webb's van, and we get there he says "mom where's my shoes?" - so Dawson spent the game with no shoes, that was fun!

On the actually fourth, which was on a Sunday, we had our own firework show on my parents street - the kids loved it - Thompson was very impressed!

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