Saturday, May 30, 2009

Double Cake Challenge Weekend!

I double booked myself this weekend and made two cakes for families. My first order was another sixteen year old cake - this time a boy. His step-mom told me he doesn't like cake, but he needs something for his birthday. So we decided to make a small cake - at first she wanted a skateboard, but then we changed it to a half pipe. This cake is not all cake! I cheated and used about a 2inch cake on the bottom and the top is rice krispy treats (a lot easier to form).
When I dropped it off I was lucky to catch the birthday boy there and the look on his face was all good - I was worried that it wouldn't be up to par to a real skater.
Now this challenge was a challenge! This cake was for a little girl turning 10 years old. And she had drawn a picture that she wanted the cake to look like (the grey piece of paper has the picture she drew). Her theme was obviously Hawaiian and she wanted a Hula girl cake. I was nervous making this cake because I didn't want to upset the Birthday girl and not have it like the picture - you know how we girls are! It was fun to make and now Madison has a new idea for her cake this year - she already drew a picture of a zebra for her cake.

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Heather, once dang cute!