Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pool Birthday Party/Wedding cake practice/Peaches

Our good friend Brandon turned the BIG 30, and this was the cake I made for him.
I have been very busy lately practicing a wedding cake for one of Jeremy's co-workers. I am trying all kinds of new cake decorating things and having a good time. The wedding is in October, so check out an awesome post in the middle of October!!!!
Also, I wish I had a picture of all the peaches we got this year on our peach tree. They were all picked so quickly and I we have had to eat them and I actually froze a bunch. Yum!


Laura said...

Heather, your cakes are RIDICULOUS!! I'm reserving one in advance for all the rest of Carter's birthdays his entire life, ok?

Hillybug said...

Thanks again! It was so sweet of you to make this for my man!