Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nauvoo Camp/Azure's Birthday Party

Last Monday we were able to have a great play date at a place called Nauvoo Camp. Our good friends the Wilsons rented out the camp site for their son's 6th birthday. We wanted to camp out that night with other families, but Jeremy was working late and he didn't think it would be a good idea for me to camp alone with the kids (he thinks I need sleep or something!). So, I just took the kids up to the site for the day, and they had a great time! There was a little pond to swim or ride the wood rafts, a big grass field to run around, and a camp fire area to perform!
Jackson and his good friend Sterling - playing a manly game of lacrosse.
Jackson shooting a bubble gun at his friend Joshua.
Dawson wading, so badly wanting to ride the wood raft.
Madison and her friend - performing American Idol style!
I didn't see much of Madison and Dawson they were every where in the camp site playing with their friends. It was a really great time!

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Amanda said...

what a cute idea! sounds pricey though! that's cool to involve all the families. looks like a blast!