Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Breaking Dawn"

Today I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's fourth book to the Twilight series. I thought is was a good read. I enjoy books that are read like you are watching a movie, and Stephenie Meyer is just the writer for me.
Also, the Friday night before the book was released, some friends and I went to the Vampire Prom at Barnes and Noble. We did not dress up, but we enjoyed making fun of the other weirdos! It was pretty crazy.
Now that I have gotten that all out of the way I can focus more on my kids and get them ready for school!

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Amanda said...

I'm so jealous! my book STILL hasn't come yet! I'm having kittens. I called ups this is what they said, "it's not in our hands anymore and we have untill the 14th for it's arrival to still be considered on time." so apparently it's in idaho someplace....rrrrrrr. anywho, when do the kidders start school? isn't it this week sometime?