Friday, February 13, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

O.K. so lately Jackson has been quoting movies and t.v. show like crazy. We rented "Space Chimps" and I need to warn all my family and friends DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE, there are far more better things to watch. Anyway let me share with you some of the quotes Jackson recieved from this movie and he repeats them all the time:

Quote #1 - "Hey guys I gotta pee . . . . wow that was some suction!" (image a two year old saying suction - doesn't come out the way it really should sound).

Quote #2 - "I was hiding" (as he says it he holds his thumb up to make it talk).

Quote #3 - "I was naughty" (he says this while he is holding one finger up to his mouth). Not something you want any of your children to say.

and Quote #4 - "Your a Dork" - again not good.

We purchased Madagascar 2 and his new quote is: "(sings a little toon) Oh, I like this song". It is very cute when he is singing the toon.

He also sings this song too! What a great Mom I am!

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