Thursday, April 24, 2008

Zoo Field Trip Take 2

Today was Dawson's turn to go to the Zoo!
Can you tell which one is the monkey?

Eli and Dawson.

Feeding the ducks at the park.

We had a great day at the Zoo. Dawson's favorite part was seeing the tigers. There were four of them, a mom and her three boys. The boys were playing in the water and the mother was lounging in the sun all relaxed and watching her boys, at one point the boys splashed her with water and she quickly got up and smacked one the boys in the face! It's nice to know that all moms have similarities (Ha Ha). Dawson walked around with his good friend Eli and Dad (Jeremy) even showed up and was able to have lunch with us! The preschool kids gather at the park and we had a picnic. Some people brought bread to feed the ducks, well I did not think to do that and Jackson very badly wanted to give something to the ducks. He was watching other kids throwing things at the ducks, so he bent down and picked something up and threw at the pile of ducks. I really didn't know what it was that he picked up until the duck that quickly snatched it spit it back out - I am glad to know that ducks do not eat their own poop! Jackson was quickly washed off and he shared his crackers with the ducks. It was really fun to see all the kids gathered around the ducks. Eli said on the car ride home "it was a fun day!"


Hillybug said...

Thanks again for taking him, he had a blast with you guys! You are the best.

Andrea said...

Way to go Jackson! :)