Friday, April 4, 2008

1st grade Zoo Field Trip

Madison's 1st grade class had a field trip at the Zoo today. I went as a chaperon - I rode the bus! - I don' t think I have been on a school bus for I don't know how many years, but Madison and I both had headaches on the way back to the school. Jeremy was able to take a half day from work, so he took the boys to the Zoo too! He was going to follow us around, but it was a little difficult for me because Jackson wanted me to hold him. So, Jeremy met up with us every now and then, he said they were really good for him (he took them on the train ride, I'm sorry I missed that). Madison has a great class of friends. All the chaperons were in charge of a certain amount of students, I started out with just two and then one of the chaperons was sick and couldn't make it, so then I had four, and then when we were there one of the boys wanted to go with another friend, so I was down to three - Madison, Danalyn, and Azarhy, they were good kids! At one point in the day we ran into a group and they were all so excited to tell Madison that they saw a Zebra. Madison has made it well known that she loves Zebras.

The Cupcake Class

Our little visitors!

Madison and a red panda.

Drew, Madison, Grace, Danalyn, Christine, and Azarhy.

Ethan, Noah, Danalyn, Azarhy, Dylan, Ryan, Avery, Madison, Christine, and Grace.

Madison's really good friends - Blythe, Danalyn, and Erin. (they are also some of my cloggers!)

The Zebras!

The Penguins.

Madison, Noah, Jimmy,
Danalyn, and Azahry.

Jimmy, Madison, and Danalyn.

Madison, Danalyn, Annie, Grace, and Christine.

Everyone on the bus!
Goodbye Zoo!

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