Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Well, as Maddy put it, as I was taking down the crib, there are no more babies in our house! Monday the boys room was altered to a big boy only room. All week Jackson has done fairly well, he loves the fact that he can come out of his room in the morning and say "hi" to us when he gets up. I think it is taking a little time for him to get used to a new mattress, there has been some night when I can hear him tossing and turning (and I am wondering when he will be busting through our doors!), but he seemed to comfort himself back to sleep.
The big boy room!
Dawson's favorite color is green, and Jackson has always favored the color blue.
Jeremy is proud because blue and green are Seahawk colors!
Madison said it looks like a Hotel (?).

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