Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jackson's 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jackson!
The morning of the kids birthdays we come in singing and they get a gift - a new outfit. I simply love their faces, they know it is there day!

In the evening of his day we had some friends over for a pizza party (the men were attending the priesthood session of conference). In these two pictures Jackson and Sterling were trying to squirt everyone. Jackson turned on the water and Sterling was ready to shoot - I thought it was adorable!

Here we have slide races! (Dawson and his best friend Eli, and Madison and her really good friends Blythe and Scarlette.
I made M&M smores for a little treat!
The Family Party!
Opening Presents.

Elmo Bath toy.

New Clothes!

Monster Trucks!

Inch Worm!
He was very embarrassed to ride it in front of everyone.

Blow out the candles - good old Elmo!

Whats a party without Rock Band!

It was a great weekend. Jackson is showing signs of a two year old. He is becoming a little possessive of his toys and what he wants to be doing, not what mommy wants him to be doing, like, getting in his car seat so Madison is not late for school.
The family party was fun. My brother Jack, his wife Amanda and their son Corban came to visit from Utah, so it was fun having them here for the party. Madison did get sick during party, so I just pray that no one else gets it! The cake turned out good, the Elmo head is all chocolate, and he is holding a blue crayon, because he scribbled all over the cake. Jackson loves to say "Elmo" and I love to hear him say it, it is oh so cute (and one of his first words a while back).

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Jackson! We hope you had an awesome day! Heather the Elmo cake looks great; Karli would love it! We hope Madison is feeling better.