Sunday, April 27, 2008


Saturday morning there was a service project at Breen Elementary, Madison's School. Jeremy signed up to go and he was going to take Madison and of course Dawson just had to go too. I wasn't there so I am taking this from what Jeremy told me. They were doing yard work on the school grounds. There was piles of bark to be spread amongst the trees in the school yard. Jeremy said that Madison was a great worker, she raked the bark and at one point was on top of the pile of bark pushing it down onto the shovels so it could be easier to shovel (hope that made sense), Jeremy said that was not an easy thing to do. She not once complained about doing the work she just did it. I hope that this attitude continues throughout her life, and I also hope that she got her attitude from her loving parents! When she got home she was very proud of herself and she had to tell me everything she did (and of course, what Dawson did as well).

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