Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Second Tag

8 TV shows that I love to watch
1. Lost
2. The Office
3. Chuck
4. My Name is Earl
5. The Bachelor
6. Fringe
7. Lipstick Jungle
8. Days of Our Lives

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. In-n-Out
2. Wendy's
3. CheeseCake Factory
4. Papa Johns
5. Olive Garden
6. El Rosal
7. Chefs of New York
8. Dignity Dragon - just the Chicken Tereyaki

8 Things happening this weekend
1. Jeremy going to Utah for BYU recruiting and his cousins wedding
2. Helping the YW babysit for families waving Prop8 signs
3. Ward Trunk or Treat Halloween Party
4. Church
5. Choreograph clogging routines
6. Finish Madison's homework
7. Mom and Dad are coming back for Seattle and picking up Jasper (Dog) on Sunday
8. Laundry and Ironing!

8 Things that I am looking forward to..
1. Madison and Dawson's Halloween Parties and Halloween night - scary movies!
2. See Jeremy tomorrow
3. Potty training Jackson - whoo hoo!
4. Thanksgiving
5. Madison's Baptism
6. After Thanksgiving Shopping
7. Christmas
8. Prop 8 passing with flying colors!! Dido Hillary!

8 Things I love about this fall..
1. Cool air
2. Trees changing colors - beautiful in Colorado
3. Decorating for all the Holidays
4. Back to School
5. Snuggling with my hubby a little more at night, because it is getting a little chilly!
6. Bishop Pumpkin Farm - apple cider
7. General Conference
8. The kids playing outside with no sun block on

8 Things on my wish list..
1. Prop 8 passing
2. A new stove
3. Not worry about money
4. Having a healthy family
5. Clean house
6. Clogging recital will go well - including the Sing and Dance team
7. Peace and relaxation
8. Feeling Pretty! I need a makeover!

Eight people I tag: Bronwyn, Amanda, Jody Buxton, Becky, Laura Smith, Cheryl Wellman, Kari and Jen Ford - sorry I tagged a few of you twice - I just love ya!

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