Friday, October 24, 2008

My Nana's Funeral - Colorado

I was back where I was born and raised - Colorado! The first picture are all my cousins from my mom side of the family (I don't have any first cousins from my dad side - he was an only child). Left to right - top: Timmy, Devon (Bestest Cousin - he is my age), Brian, Brother Jack, Sister Bronwyn, Kristen, and Me. Bottom: Meredydd, Heidi, and Megan. My mom grew up with three sisters - Wow, huh? I have not been back since the year 2000, I was pregnant with Madison and Jeremy and I took our last vacation without kids and I showed him where I grew up. My family moved to Modesto, California in 1996. I took a lot of pictures of my home town -I hope they aren't too boring.
This is where I worked for two summers in a row "The Pine Junction Country Store". I knew what all the locals were smoking! And found out that I am allergic to tobacco.
That beaded store wasn't there when I lived there - but it was a unique store - I bought a few things.
I passed this sign everyday on my way home!
My Fam! This road was really fun to drive in the snow. Also one of the many ponds on the mountains.
My mail boxes - Ours is the one in the middle/grey - still painted the same color.
The mountain in the back ground is call Lions Head.
This is the house where I grew up in. It was in forecloser and pretty much trashed inside - very upsetting to see. It was red growing up and it had rails around the top deck - a deck that my dad built. Oh, we were the first owners of the house - my parents had it built. My bedroom window is all the way to the left, still has the same white carpet - unbelievable.
This was my Nana and Papa's house. I took the picture of my house and then their house standing in the same spot - to show you the distance of how close I grew up next to them. They built this house too and the family that bought the house from them still live there. They are LDS and have five boys - I can remember the youngest (who is in high school now), at about 4 years old peeing in our front yard. The oldest served a mission and the second and third are on missions and the fourth just received his mission call. Nice to know the good work that is happening on the mountain top!

The view!
The view from our family room.
This was one of many forts built.
Where we parked our cars.
My drive way - well just the end of it. Behind those trees and up on a hill was were my cousins Brian and Devon lived - still just a walk away.
This used to be the driveway to my Nana and Papa's house (when my Nana sold the house we built a new driveway). Just picture for a moment - the driveways filled with snow -SLEDDING! We would start at my Nana's house and fly all the way down to the corner (The corner is where we would meet my cousins Brian and Devon to ride bikes, play a little soccer or baseball.).
Here we are the five of us on our mountain!
Brian, Devon, Bronwyn, Me, and Jack.
"The Little White School House"
This is were I went to Pre-School - I showed this picture to Dawson and he was so excited to see where I went to school. He asked if he could go there too, because he thought the playground looked fun.
"Evergreen High School" go Cougars!

This is Evergreen Lake. Great ice skating in the winter, and they have a lake house across the way that my sister held her wedding reception - beautiful.

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Becky said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Nana, Heather.
The pictures of your old home are great! Thanks for sharing. What an amazing view from the living room!