Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Nana

Yesterday, October 1st, just thinking about it makes me tear up every time, my Nana past away. She was one of the greatest and strongest women I will ever know - she raised four girls - that in itself shows the strength she had. She was someone I looked up to and in many ways I patterned my life after her - one of her many talents that she passed onto me was baking and decorating cakes. I vividly remember her showing me how to make a red rose out of buttercream icing, and gathering all the cousins together for cooking class. Family came first to her and that was all she cared about - she wanted the BEST for all 10 of her grandchildren. I am very happy that she is now with her one true love, my Papa - who passed many years ago. I am glad that my three children were able to know her as their GeeGee - she was loved big time by our family. Another memory I have, and wish sometimes I could still do in some ways, was when I was little and wanted to runaway from home - all I had to do was walk up the hill a few feet to my Nana's house (I grew up in the mountains in Colorado and lived close to most of my Aunt & Uncles and cousins too - I wouldn't trade any of my memories for the world!)

My sister's blog has some great memories too - Brad and Bronwyn Webb. And as soon as I get my hands on my mom and dad's camera, my dad took a very cool picture of Nana and Me a couple of weeks ago celebrating her birthday a little early before she left for my Aunt's house in Texas.


AO said...

Such cute pictures! Made me miss my "nana" or Grandma....they are the sweetest people in the world!

Amanda said...

cute job-we loved hearing about her birthday cake, she was quite thrilled that you had made it for her and that it had a bow on it.

Buxton Family said...

Grandmas are the best. I'm glad you were able to be so close with her. I lived next door to my grandma growing up and she meant the world to me.