Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Maddy!

Sorry I added two cake pictures - the first one I had on here was pretty blurry!
What a big day we had today! Madison turned the ripe old age of 8! (I can't believe I have an eight year old - woosh I'm getting old!)
Here we are in the morning opening our first gift of the day!

woo hoo - clothes! Big surprise - she knew what was coming.

Then she got baptized and became a new member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She did a great job. She was ultra nervous suddenly when she realized people would be watching her, but I feel that she also felt the Spirit. I wish that I had taken more pictures - but when you are doing a million things at once - picture time passes by so quickly.

Maddy and her good friend Blythe

Maddy's Birthday Party! The top picture are the party favors.

The whole gang!

The girls played the spank machine and they thought it was hilarious!

Happy Birthday my big girl. I don't think any mother can express the feeling they feel for any of their children. There is something special about each one of my children. Madison being my first and only girl, I treasure every moment I have with her. The first three year of her life was mainly me and her and sometimes daddy - I am truly blessed and a better person with her in my life. She is my angel - I am proud of who she is and the young woman she will someday become.


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Madison! Looks like you had a pretty special day! The cake looks awesome Heather!

Buxton Family said...

What a fun cake and party! Congratulations Madison.

AO said...

What a fun party.....and seriously, I need to hire you out as my cake decorator.... and those party favors. And I can't believe Madison is eight! Love the baptism picture with her dad. Love your posts.