Monday, December 8, 2008

Dawson's Birthday Party

May the Force Be With You! As most of you know Dawson is a huge Lego Star Wars gamer, so I made him an R2D2 Cake.
He had a great time at his party - I am still surprised that it took little over an hour and a half for the 6 boys to play one game of bowling. It might of been because the bowling ball would go down the lane at a speed of 2 miles per hour most of the time. Half way through the game I pulled out the cake and they ate and played and then Dawson opened gifts while they played - it was all good. He would go bowling everyday if he could.
The Bowler.
The gang.

The Cheerleaders (Madison's friends).

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Karilyn said...

I think an R2D2 cake would be very popular with Isaac for his birthday next month. Good job!