Monday, June 23, 2008

Girls Camp

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the last night of girls camp. The young women in our ward are so great and beautiful - I am very proud of them - roughing it through the week and the leaders there said that there was very little if any drama (which is a pretty big thing when there are 24 teenage girls involved!) I got to see the Stake Skit and the awards and recognitions. Then after all that everyone split into wards and had their own testimony meetings. When I was growing up and attended camp I loved hearing other girls talk about why they love the church and are so grateful for the gospel in their lives. It really took me back and reminded me of all that I had learned to get to where I am today. Looking at some of the girls and thinking "they too will be a mother some day" was such a great and comforting feeling knowing that they will succeed in taking care of Heavenly Fathers most precious gifts.

This was the Stake skit - they played with fire.

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