Wednesday, June 11, 2008

9 Years!

Today is our Anniversary! We have been married for 9 short years and it feels like we have always been together. We celebrated yesterday by going to the movies, "Indiana Jones", it was pretty good. Today the kids and I stopped by Jeremy's office and gave him a lovely bouquet of cupcake pops, yum. I meant to take a picture of it, but I forgot. There was 2 dozen in a rectangle glass vase - the colors were yellow and purple (our wedding colors). Madison was a big helper with decorating. Jeremy was surprised and he said that they were a big hit in his office - I made him share! Here is to many more great years!

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The Webb Family said...

Sorry I didn't call and wish you a Happy Anniversary! Hearing "your song" and looking at your family picture, makes me think of Papa. How proud he would be (is) to see almost all of his grandchildren happily married and with children of their own. What a great legacy! I love you and thank the Lord every day that you're my sister! Love, Bronwyn