Monday, March 16, 2009

My Birthday!

One year older and man am I feeling it! I had a great birthday! I got to spend time with some friends, and one of my friends offered to watch my kids so I could do a little shopping (with Jeremy working all the time right now - I haven't shopped by myself in 2 and half months.). But he did get home before the sun went down and we had a pizza party and an ice cream cake, yum! I got a "Cupcake Queen" t-shirt, the dvd "Much Ado About Nothing" (my favorite movie - only had it on VHS), and a body pillow - I will explain that one in another post. Oh, and of course this Saturday I will be at Wal-Mart at midnight buying my "Twilight"!

I also am sooooo lucky - this cake is sooooo good and you will never guess who made it for me. . . . . .my dentist. I am very good friends with his wife and she made him make this cake for me. He used to work in a bakery and he learned a lot tricks - he really needs to have a class and teach me this one - I am sure that I have gained about five pounds just eating a small slice! Thank you Wilsons!

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AO said...

Happy birthday Heather! I want two cakes for my birthday as well! Hope you had a fantastic day!